Check this out.!

For all you myspace people check out the vid on my page with scropion vs. ryu.

Also, i got i bruned cd from a friend of mine called M.U.G.E.N. “all characters battle zero” for the computer . It has over 50 people from fatal fury, street fighter, mvc2, alpa strike etc. It is awesome. Anybody heard of it? Please give feedback.

… this has to be an april fools, look at the join date, he can’t be a scrub…

Not an april fools. The game gen has been out for a while.

uh… I know about mugen, my point was, who doesn’t?

mugen is older than that crappy “scropion vs. ryu.” video he has up that was posted on SRK every 5 seconds a while back.

LOL seeing as how this guy has been a member since 2001… why was this even posted?? If you knew about srk then u MUST know about mugen…