Check this out........

After sweet ripped apart my other work I figured I’d try agian…

Damn… the quality always sucks

when I post like this, so if you want to see it in better quality … here’s the link thanks for the look.

her arm is too long and she has elephantitus! i hate chicks with fat ankle. and that color for your background is all wrong.

Her face and torso is pretty good though. But this time Sweet is correct.

oh my god, i bet her ankle bones are all twisted like a pretzel.


I know how to fix all of the drawing issues… but what do you suggest for the backgroud? AS for the leg… I promise you my friends leg atleast does that… after I saw the pose I asked him to try to hit it… I thought it was wierd too… but he says that’s the way the cock the leg they kick with… I don’t know… as for the ankles… those are just baggy socks… I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean by that… and yes the arms are long. Thanks for all of the comments.

Ok here is some help on leg and body movement. Bg color is way too distracting.


I really suck with bg’s… any suggestions on what color it should be. And that was real helpful SFMC.

yeah her lower body looks like its not really attached. I also would recommend lowering her left shoulder down a bit and extend her left arm out and back more to show more “dynamic”

Sweet, perhaps…you would like to provide us with ways to make our art better rather than just saying what’s wrong with it.
For example, you say the bg is bad. And yes it is bad. But people usually can’t pinpoint why it’s bad. What should he do with the bg here? Since I have the same problems.

I’m not just asking sweet…

As much as I do value his opinion… if anyone has suggestions, go ahead.

Your line work is good. Your probably someone who likes to draw from the outsides rather that the inside. I’ll explain.

Try drawing her in a rough skeleton type pose first just to get everything right (Like in SFMC’s suggestion) then sketch over it. This one really good way to get dynamic poses and make it feel more 3D.

As for the background: I don’t know if I suck at background or I’m lazy or both. I didn’t have time for a cool background so I just used a gradient fill.

Check out the tread my Ryu Vs Rose Color Help needed thread for an example.