Check yourself before you wreck yourself

So I’ve been thinking alot about this lately and I hope no one takes it the wrong way. The Seattle fighting game scene is made up of alot of individuals who I have known for a pretty long time now and have socialized with on numerous occasions. I consider most of you to not only be people I play video games with but friends as well. That said, it has really been bugging me to see how much people’s attitudes change over video games. Yes, being some what emotionally invested in a game does help you take it more seriously, but taking losses so hard that you are rude and nasty to the people around you isn’t ok at all. I’m tired of having to put up with negative attitudes on a constant basis just because some of you lose. Hello, no one always wins! If you can’t emotionally handle a loss don’t play the game. It sucks that I see the sides of people that can be so nice, then see them change the way they act in an instant just because of a video game related incident. To be honest, the negativity is really killing my drive to put my self around the scene and if I wasn’t so dedicated to this game (SSF4) then I honestly don’t think I would come out to tournaments or sessions. It’s getting to the point that people that I might even limit myself to small sessions and tournaments. Seattle, please check yourself before you wreck yourself :sad:

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I think this is the only place Slash posted the results up.

Nani nani?

unless u have some method of taking away my saltiness after a loss, dont expect me to hold hands with you. (not u specifically riki just making apoint)
actually i dont wanna be near anyone when i lose. Im still fucking pissed from saturday.

I cant let a loss go. Ive been training so hard for so long. It seems like all that work was for fucking nothing.

This is why I try to be as much of a dick as possible when not playing. That way, no surprises when I’m even more of a dick when I lose. Fuck you guys.

So the person that was all about including everyone is finally realizing why there are cliques and smaller sessions where certain people aren’t really allowed/welcomed. Good to know.

Yea, I get salty when I lose sometimes too. It’s probably the best time to NOT be around me and “hold my hand.” I’ll eventually get over it though.

IMO, it is not fair to judge someone immediately after a loss. However, it is definitely something that people need to work on. It’s not the end of the world and bitching about it makes you look HELLA weak.

^Surprised you didn’t throw in a “…especially since this is Weaks Sauce 4” comment. Your slippin’…

*sigh, I guess my overall message didn’t come through in the post. I have really been trying to put myself around more positive people in general and I feel like the seattle scene is just way too negative. Not only that, but it has been becoming more and more evident as of late. If playing video games means I HAVE to deal with all that drama and negatvitity then count me out you know? Basically, don’t expect me to deal with your attitude anymore. I used to be a pretty negative guy but realized fighting negativity with more negativity is just plain wrong.

And pat, what I’m saying is much different then the previous situation. These cliques I didn’t approve of were formed out of negativity not a means to escape it.

Basically, stop bitching Seattle. Just play the game. I really don’t care that your salty that I beat you, if you come at me with a negative attitude excpect a not so pleasant reality check when I call you on it. This isn’t online and as adults I excpect you guys to act maturely even when losing. I spend so much time trying to be positive and pleasant to those around me and it’s gross when I get negative garbage in return. Sorry all those that posted but there’s really no excuse for acting like a child about a game.


I’m not talking about the previous position, I’m talking about now. You say you’re thinking of limiting yourself to small sessions because you don’t wanna be around certain people and how they act right? Well, now you know a reason why certain people tend to gravitate towards each other and slowly siphon out others who act a certain way that the group may not agree with. This is pretty much why I hold private sessions. I don’t want randoms and I don’t want bullshiet. I just wanna play games, learn a thing or two and have a good time.

I think Emanuel is trying to say that even now he feels like he does not even want to go to small sessions anymore due to negativity and bad attitudes…Not that he limits himself to only small sessions with his “group” because he does not like some people for whatever reason.

I like to think everyone is better than excluding people from sessions, regardless of their “status” in the scene (i.e. “randoms” and people who are “free”). That maybe everyone is trying to help each other out and increase the number of people in the scene. Maybe I’m wrong?

Just cut the bullshit man. That’s what the man is saying, I think. Shit he might even be talking about me. I’m tryin to change, but it’s hard when the environment is all about what you’re trying to change about yourself. I think? I just woke up so my mind isn’t really at 100% yet.

If I lose to people I know, I just laugh it off and think about new things I can try next time to get better. I’d rather lose to someone I know than some random. For example, mikehascookies gave me my first loss in pools in Portland, but we had pretty good games, with both of us taking 1 game. I’m cool with that, a little annoyed since I had to play him because I play him like every weekend, like many of you guys, but oh wells.

What really had me salty was some Gen player who I didn’t know who ended up knocking me out of the tourney.

Generally, my advice would just be to shrug the loss off. Instead of the negatives, think of the positives that you can get out of the situation to losing to someone you know. For example, you can ask them what they did wrong or something like that, since you know the person and are more comfortable with them than talking to some random about your strategy.

2x post.

A friendly message from Bane:

“Can we start again, go back to what it meant back then, open minds and open hearts, The things that set us apart
Somewhere, somehow, everything has changed, look at what we’ve gotten ourselves caught up in
The same mindless clicks, the same high school shit, all the walls you scream about breaking down I’ve watched you build brick by brick”


Unfortunately the truth about competition is that it comes wrath, envy, pride, and greed. Do these sound familiar? They should since it’s 4 out of the 7 deadly sins. In a very competitive environment like the fighting game scene, these are especially apparent and quite unavoidable. So if you truly love the game and are not guilty of any those “sins” then you shouldn’t let other’s behavior affect you.

I myself am guilty of a bit of envy and joking pride. In addition you could say I’m also guilty of sloth and gluttony (not mentioned above, since they’re not relevant).

you are my hero hahahahahahah

Please re-read these posts, especially Spider Jerusalems. Exactly what I’m saying. Awesome that alot of you guys feel the same way I do.

Mikhail…*sigh completely wrong attitude. Just because the gen player you lost to wasn’t known to you before you played him doesn’t mean he wasn’t skilled at the game. That mentality will get you loss after loss at evo or ncr or nwmajors. Respect your opponent regardless of how “free” you think they might be. Trust me, this took me soooo long to realize and it took a lot of losses to get to this realization. I wish someone had told me this same thing I’m telling you before evo. Oh well, hopefully you’ll take this advice to heart.

It’s funny that people use the excuse “everyone is salty after a loss”. Although this is true, you have to look at people like Eric, Elias, Brent, Gaduken, Tanaka or Richard as some examples and think “how come they aren’t ass holes after they lose?” Is it because they are rare exceptions or is it just that they are decent, genuine people who consider others and think about what they say before they say it? Maturity doesn’t show up over night, but some of you have alot of work to do.

…i thought this post was gonna be about ice cube.