Checking interest in a tutorial site


As some of you know, I am a custom stick maker, or more specifically was one. I closed down because I can’t really perform wood work in the city where I am (which still might change, but who knows).

I have a website currently, and I’m thinking about updating the graphics and content of the site to include more than just my orders and pictures. I will expand it to include tutorials and resources for doing just about anything you could want on a stick. I’m aware there are many sites and tutorials out there, but most people have to crawl through a forum’s search function to find it. I’m really thinking of combining all of this stuff into one site and also having a section to submit any questions you have for a stickbuilder to be more specific to your situation.

My question is, if this site existed would you, or do you think someone, would use it? Basically, is it going to be worth my time to put this together or will it just be a fart in the custom stick building wind?


How can it hurt? Go for it.


I think that is an awesome idea. I cant find enough tutorials on making sticks, in each tutorial i learn something new. Looking forward to your tutorial!


Went to your website and everything looked great! Is the announcement on there current?


The announcement is current, but I might change my mind again. It’s hard to stop doing something you love, hahaha.


So you want to make


1 thing that would be great to see in it is a massive archive of stick art. Broken down into Section for each model of stick. & a section of art that isn’t specifically sized to a stick. That is the only thing that slagcoin dosent have. Also some in depth painting/ finishing tutorials


@ MrMojoZ: I just took a look through slagcoin and I’m not particularly impressed. I hope to create a site that tells you everything you need to know…which it may end up being very similar. He has a broad overview of everything, but I’m looking to get into specifics and mechanics with it, the exact thought processes that I have when I make a stick.

@ huge balls: I will have an artwork section with all of my artwork and other people’s should they want it there. I will also have a section where you can request art to be made by myself or my girlfriend in photoshop in case you can’t find what you’re looking for.


I would use it. Make one for dual pcb modding.


The more resources the merrier.