CHECKLIST: Make sure to bring

UCRollerblader posting under nam’s name

Much credit given to #capcom
First post will be updated if i forget anything

Bathroom stuff

Contact Case/Contact Solution/Glasses/Spare Contacts (SUPER VITAL IF YOU’RE BLIND)

Swim Trunks
Flip Flops… If you don’t own any you’re on the west coast so go fuckin buy some. Old navy 5 bucks, hollister 10 bucks, walgreens 2 bucks.
One change of nice clothes (better shoes/slacks/button up shirt) since most clubs enforce a dress code.
Comfortable Shoes
Shorts and Pants
Lots of shirts. Bring extras in case of sweat.
Undies… Bring twice what you think you need, vegas is hot you’re gonna be sweaty
Socks… Bring about twice what you think you need. If you have a lot of people in your room have a policy of throwing away socks after wearing them. Yes I am serious.
Anything to divide your dirty and clean clothes. Seperate bag/plastic trash bag/whatever

Tournament Stuff
TV (only half the rooms have a/v hookups!)
PS2 or Dreamcast

Random other stuff
ID… very important as well
Condoms… Be safe guys, unless you are kikin, then go raw dog EDIT: since we’re in vegas, pulling out is not necessary. What happens in vegas… you know the rest

You forgot one thing… your “A” game. Don’t forget to shower!

what you think this is gamefaqs! This is evolution, “A” game is mandatory

Bring a RF adaptor for your consoles.
pillows and blankets for those who are planning to sleep on the floor.
Cell phone Damn it !!

bring your cell phone charger too.

bring your laptops so we can play dota :pleased:

the fuck yall know about dota?

I will tap that ass in DOTA. Money matches anytime Clan MLB. get at us. peace, father you see king the police

the fuck do i know about dota? i need to stop playing that shit and practice for evo instead.

quoted for emphasis. If I can find a good partner, I’ll take some small money matches in DotA


5v5 dota? $20-$100 per person.

Hm: ASK for a room with A/V hook-ups on your TV, if you’re bringing your Dreamcast/PS2/Atari/Colecovision. I just talked with engineering down at the Green Valley, and according to them “only a small percent of rooms have A/V hook-ups”. I’ll probably bring an RF adapter anyways (and hope), but … better safe than sorry. =\

fuck you, you ain’t goin’

How about PSP for Lumines/Darkstalkers/whatever?

im down

question, why is flip flops a neccessity? besides bath, and swimming pool? i can’t think of any.