Cheesiest Way You've Ever Won A Match

I once beat my friend in 3s just by whoring Chun’s Back+ Feirce and Standing Fierce.

in marvel hit my homeboy character in the jaw one time with gambit snap back! flew to the moon :clap:

whattttt that’s the only way i can win with chun

once i picked gourasen as SA for akuma. then i used 3hit firehadou from full screen. he superjumped at me and i cancelled the firehadou into gourasen :wink:

In 3S, Yang’s taunt, antiair, death. It was awesome.

ken’s towards+forward overhead

In Guilty Gear I pick slayer then knock down my opponent, telaport behind opponent knock them back down, telaport behind opponent knock them back down, telaport behind opponent knock them back down…

Dude you missed the point of the thread. Winning with Yang’s taunt is stylish and cool, not cheesy. If you won a match using nothing but Yang’s crossup divekick or something, that would be cheesy.

One time in a tournament, I was playing against a friend’s Shun (a character I suck playing against), it was 1-1. The last match i used almost nothing but u/f+K+G to win.

GGXX#R, opponent’s almost dead, I’m Potemkin. Spam random Megafist or Hammer Fall FRC x4 if I got full bar. Or just random HS, hehe.

Alternating high and low spin kicks in Tekken 5 with Bryan cause my friend does it to me.

This Kidney punch move with the Tekken weapon in SC2

in Guilty Gear XX Reload

switching between May’s crouching HS (i believe), where she slides across the floor, and her Dust. people seem to have trouble deciding to block high or low, and somehow i seem to be able to screw them over big time with it. i’ve received some angry comments at me, from friends and stangers alike :shy:

also, switching between hugo’s crouching mk and crouching hk/standing hp. another “do i block low or high?” problem for people.

…You fuckers don’t understand the thread.

Step 1: Pick Anji
Step B: Rapid kidney punches on random opponet
Step iii: Instant kill!
Step Four: Repeat

They don’t call me the Third Tizzlekage for nothing. I’m a #R Ninja.


By they, I mean me.


Step Cinco: Sing Staying Alive by The Bee Gees

saks rc hp shouken chip damage. if they block, they get chipped to death, if they attack, they die.

way back in my scrub days(read: about half a year ago), i somehow managed to win a match against a friend by doing nothing but rapidfire meaty jabs xx srk with Ken. rinse, repeat. my friend used to be one of these “why should i use anything but fierce and rh?” types, so it actually worked :confused:


Talim: 33A all day



Battle Arena Toshinden:

I had Eiji, friend had Sophia. He charged at me when the announcer yelled fight. I back-dashed 2 times, then sidestepped when he got in my face, which got me behind him. :l: :d: :db: + weak slash. He staggered forward, away from me for (anyone who played this game knows the ridiculous distance the opponent, especially the female characters, will stagger when nailed from behind) about 15 feet then fell out of the ring. I was laughing my ass off over that one.

Tobal No. 1: I backed over the edge and hung there. Friend was wondering why the fight was still going. I told him what I was doing. He tried it, but didn’t hold the buttons. KO. Next round he tried to kick me while I was hanging there, and he fell off again. Dumbass.

cvs2: i made my friend who plays p groove (i was playing a sak) block a short, then chip him with custom for the win.

ur AV is way too good…beware

I activated Genei Jin.

Dudley’s Taunt.
Yun’s Taunt.

roll+throw all day online