Chef Ramsay av request


Okay I was wondering if anyone can whip up an av based the beast that is Chef Ramsay :devil:

My idea is an av that has him in it and a full k groove below him which also has my handle in it. and a nice red border(?):

Pics of him:This pic would be ideal to use or this one is cool
But if the av makes can any of these work go for it:
there’s these as well:Pic
Another pic
And finally
As for the k groove bar I only got the empty one but I want the full one =/

Thanks in advance.


Lonely bump =/


i know i suck at this kinda shit but theres a shot at it. mspaint is beast. i know someone else can come thru here and do a way better job.

edit-it looks all blurry and shitty, i guess imageshack compressed it, i got the orginal if you want it


160x100 pixels. :confused:


easy resize



i’ve always wondered why nobody had an animated k-groove bar ripped, so i’ll try to make one over the weekend.

the charge up timing won’t be exactly the same as CvS2, though.

work in progress:


Jesus lol.


Hey, they’re not bad. Not bad at all. Yeah I like both.Thanks to both artists :tup: Now to choose which one I rock.


I don’t usually do this kind of stuff, but here.


Oh shit, Sep! Nice, very nice.


that shit is hot:rofl:


Goddamn, check out the skills on Sep. Nice :tup:


It’s all about reusing existing assets. :lol:

Also, I apparently can’t read and used a black border.


That av is Ramsay tier…


wow nice job.