Cherry Blank Case SOLD - See Announcement in Tech Talk Forums

Blank Cherry Hardwood Case - SOLD

**Specifications: **
Case is built from a cherry hardwood with a hand-rubbed polyurethane mirror finish
Built for PS3 or XBOX360 with (3) 24mm buttons holes on the back
Built for Sanwa JLF **or **Seimitsu LS-32/LS-40
Blast City Button Layout
Includes plexiglass top panel, rubber feet and joystick mounting hardware
Includes TMO Signature Plexiglass bottom panel
Exterior Dimensions: 9 x 12 x 2.0" (at front) & 2.75" (at back)
Interior Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.5
The plexiglass still has the protective film on it

Full View

Right/Back Side

Left Side



If you are interested in purchasing the case, please email us at:
tmogaming[at] We do not hold cases, a case is not considered sold until payment is received

***NO PMS PLEASE If you have our Paypal info from a previous purchase please DO NOT send funds until we have verified the sale through email. **

Thanks again SRK!!!

Tim & Brie
TMO Gaming

You know my birthday is tuesday :razzy:

TMO, you should post up which case design. Some of your cases come out with no lip, others have the lip and sides extended down. I know I’d have a preference between the two, and letting 'em know what case style it will be might help their decision to buy.

Looking forward to see the latest creation.


Can’t wait.


Sad there is no international shipping available on this one $120 is an absolute bargain for the quality of work tmo offers, i pm’ed them a couple of weeks back about ordering a case and was expecting to have to pay at least 3 times that, I can’t believe Tim & Brie sell such great work for such rock bottom prices!

Oh well will just have to keep my fingers crossed that the next piece of lovely work to come out of TMO towers is available for international shipping.

I second this, I know I have a preference on your boxes too.

im very interested but youre leaving out your neighbors of the north =(

Us canadians are very deprived of joysticks. even our videogame stores dont even stock cheap joysticks like hori fightings sticks.

Based on your previous works, very classy stuff. I am VERY interested, I have all the parts that would fit this particular box ready to go. Just say the word and you have my $$!!

And by word I mean 5 PM on Thursday, the 9th.

I live in Los Angeles, and if I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase this box, would I be able to pick it up…assuming of course that you are fairly close–like maybe an hour away at most :P.

Thanks a lot!

When TMO says 5pm on Thursday that is the time you need to send an email or PM. There is no jumping the gun here. I am sure that he will correct me if I am wrong but that is the way he has done things in the past.


Sorry if I sound a little excited, stickbuilder’s are hard to come by nowadays it seems, I’ve been having joystick troubles lately, but I haven’t jumped the gun, just posting on this thread. I have not e-mailed nor PM’d and I’m waiting for 5 PM, October 9th, just like everyone else, to do that.

BTW, I checked out your stick thread, very nice work!!

Yep it is indeed a shame, i would love to have a TMO also like most people, but shipping prices (international) have gone sky high. I would have had a TMO stick by now, but i was quoted more then $150 for shipping via UPS Worldwide Express when i wanted the Marvel stick from ConKhi. Its a shame really that its so difficult for us in the UK to get a TMO or any other stick from the US stick builders. :shake:

Yeah a real shame isn’t it Sinister Master? All we can do is respect their wishes and hope that cases will be available for international shipping in the future. No doubt their will be at least a dozen people emailing straight away tomorrow at 5pm PST on the dot, sad that us UK based players cant even enter our names into the draw :sad:

This is more of our standard four-sided box design that features a rounded edge detail. The last case we sold with a lip design was something we built over six months ago and is really a Byrdo/MAS design that we do not plan on repeating.

We live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, which is about 1 hour 15 minutes from downtown L.A. with good traffic. If you do end up purchasing the case, with gas prices being what they are, we would suggest the shipping. Especially with priority mail, it would get there probably in one day.

Logistically, we can’t do international shipping this time but we have in the past and will in the future and when we have shipped internationally we use only USPS/Express Mail service and we haven’t had anyone pay over $40 for shipping on a blank case and $65.00 on a complete.

Please see above.

We know it seems like there is a lot of interest but, typically, we only have one or two truly motivated buyers for each case.

Hope that answers everybody’s questions and thanks for all of the interest. We appreciate your comments/feedback as always. :wgrin:


Your not kidding about the gas prices, you have a point. I’ve got my countdown timer on!! Consider me a truly motivated buyer.

E-Mail & PM sent!!

That looks absolutely magnificent!!

The cherry case has sold.

This case is the last TMO Gaming product we will ever sell. No, we are not quitting, we have decided to go legit. Please check out our new thread for Norris Arcade Sticks in the Tech Talk forum for more information.

Congratulations!! All the best on your new endeavor.

It feels good to have the last TMO Gaming product, I have to tell you. It’s an honor!


congratz on getting it. Can’t wait to see the pics :):encore:

Thanks man! The cthulhu board needed a righteous case and this is it.