Cherry Microswitches in a Sanwa joystick

I plan on replacing Sanwa microswitches with Cherry ones but I have no idea where to buy them.

Is there a specific model # or anything that I should look out for when buying Cherry microswitches? Ones that’ll fit in Sanwa joysticks just fine.

This will be my first time modding a Sanwa joystick so looking for joystick parts online is new to me.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you did the mod before, can you tell me if it was worth it?

i googled “cherry microswitch” and found them. did you even try looking?

Wow, an '03 getting schooled by an '09?
Am I in bizarro-world?

Well you don’t always expect a old member to be active as the current ones.

Some ppl actually have better things to do wit their lives rather then talk about fighting sticks 24/7. But again OP should have used the google function or search function before make a new thread. =P