Cherry Mx Microswitch clones,dupes, or just a bad make?


I had to change out some blue mx switches for brown in my brothers keyboard last night.

He never liked how hard the blues were compared to my Razor blackwidow, which to my surprise when i opened it up had cherry mx blues!
So why did they feel so different i asked myself.
Ive got mx’s from all over the place so i started comparing them.
All of my mx switches say “Cherry” which is kinda bold flat text, and so are the cherries.
The MX blues in my bros keyboard had the text written in a rounded format, and so were the cherries, leading me to believe that Cherry were unable to keep up with supply and demand and have got other companies to produce them for these generic ebay mech keyboards.

Just a heads up, these MX blues were shit, hard as a mofo to press down and not suited to gaming at all.

As far as i know all the real ones made to the correct spec have the bold flat font.

Hopefully these switches only ever make it into finished products, id hate to order in a few replacements for my arcade buttons or keyboards and be enraged with a COMPLETELY different feeling key.


You might want to try the following forum, as Mechanical keyboards are their specialty