Chess 2.0.: Say It Isn't So


So, i was looking for latest results in the 2014 chess olympics and came across this…

EDIT: What Sirlin doesn’t tell you is that I createed Chess 2 back in 1995


You have one post to explain what this thread is about before I flag you.


It’s something stupid about Sirlin being Sirlin and his age old quest to prove he’s a douche by reinventing Chess.



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You’re not fooling me. :coffee:


That guy is so right with his approach the redesign chess, based on Street Fighter matches.
Whenver I watched a Cammy unblockableroflstomp the opponent, I thought… chess needs it. Absolutely.
And DLC costumes.

[e] Oh wow, I’m allowed visit that link one single time? Goodness gracious me!


Yes, chess does need more Claw loops.


#NerfQueen Too OP


Y’all are seriously oblivious to what chess truly lacks to make it the perfect competitive game.



that and a good story


Lets just hope they leave the glitch where if a white knight takes a black rook the game freezes.

White has frame advantage on the game’s start up :frowning:


I hope the netcode gets fixed. Freakin’ Steamworks messed it up.


I always had a problem when I captured a pawn. My knight would always fly off the board and never come back, thus bringing the game to a standstill.


nilriS nilriS nilriS

Chess variants have been around for a while



I need to move in an F formation instead of L.


david sirlin in 20 years


If any piece needs a buff, it’s the pawn. That little fuck is weak shit. It can’t even catch shit in front of it. What kind of bullshit is that? It’s like you have a gun that you can only aim forward and the bullet only comes out of the sides. Ridiculous.


Pawn is top tier if you use him right. He needs assists to win though. He can set up some mean unblockables and frame traps.


Don’t forget about his level-up mechanic.


I’m confused; his chess 2 has been around for a long time. What exactly was the point of this thread again?