Chess. You play?


I was at a Barnes and Noble today and some old guy invited me to play a game. I wasn’t doing anything pressing so I accepted the invite. I lost of course. I haven’t played chess in over 15 years. But it was interesting doing all the thinking and trying to read my opponent’s moves and thinking 2-3 moves ahead.

With all the gaming I’ve done over the years, I’d forgotten one of my favorite ones.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

So… you play?


I play chess+advance wars every Sunday with one of my friends.

Haven’t done anything else other than that.


When I was younger like 8-13 yes. Now the only time I will really play chess is if a board is lying around which is rare.


I used to play a lot back when I was little up to highschool. Won a lot of medals and tournies too. Now because of lack of opponents and my interest shifitng to other areas, I haven’t sniffed a chessboard for years.


I had an interest in chess, but I never had anyone to play with, so I could never get into it.


i gave up on chess years ago

used to be in the high school chess club, i was only an 1100 scholastic rank, so most ppl could rape me for free at the scholastic tournaments. i even tried a real tournament once (USCF), and got raped three times in a row.

but today i can rape all my coworkers and friends at it because they’re all scrubs. the difference in skill is just too vast for them to overcome. they just lack fundamental knowledge in how to effectively apply tactics (discovered attack, double check, discovered check, forks, pins etc), and strategy (rook vs rook endgames, bishop vs knight, controlling the center, smashing the center, smashing the wings) and so on.

i could become better, but that would require joining the local (smelly) chess club, and losing to fat people multiple times. i dont have enough bandwidth to dedicate myself to chess, so sadly i must give up on it.


Chess is a hard game to play.

Best way to win at online chess:

Step 1: Find a chess program that is unbeatable at the highest difficultly.
Step 2: Play a person online.
Step 3: Play your opponent’s moves against the comp and comp’s move as your own.
Step 4: Watch as you crumble your online opponent and reap victory by cheating.

Dirty I know. But you can at least learn how to play through it.


gross. this is why i only play chess in person. and you dont really learn that way. the best way to learn is to lose against better players, and learning from your mistakes. it is not by beating people via cheating. you won’t really understand why the computer makes the moves that it does anyway.


I used to be heavily into chess from 2nd-10th grade. I was generally the best in my class/age range (and was usually the only freshman to be in the “varsity” for my school and play in place of varsity players in the tournaments)

I remember the one game, while I was still a freshy, where the let me take place #5 on the team (and no freshies or sophies were allowed). I really played some of my best that day. It was a very close game with my opponent…and we were slowly going piece for piece until it ended up an in even, slightly tricky, pawn formation + king. Well…my opponent thought it was even. He tried calling a draw twice, and each time (with my time going down) I took the time to figure out nearly every possible likely move until I was 100% sure I would get my pawn to the end and get a queen while he would not. Yes, of course there are harder situations to think out, but this was still rather tricky to ensure I didn’t still lose by time or somehow allow us both to get a queen or something.

He was very surprised and a bit ticked off when I ended up getting a queen and destroying all of his pieces (he was nervous and ticked off when everytime he requested a draw that not only did I take forever to reply, I said no both times)

after that, family issues and other issues have caused me to stop. I am WAY off. It’s been too long. I can still beat scrubs, but I lose to some players who are mediocre compared to what I used to be…and that alone makes not want to play! lol. I also got into go very slightly. not a noob at it…but very scrubby.


QFT. Why would you even bother playing online chess if you’re just gonna cheat anyway? That is just a complete waste of time.


The same reason people aimbot and hack in other games. For laughs


I always thought you were a basketball player. You just ruin my image of you. :crybaby:


My cousin was into chess heavy, every thanksgiving he would have us younger cousins play each other and stuff. I would’ve got into it if he lived close to me and I could play him regularly because he was really into it and I felt like I would’ve learned how to play from him good. Wish I had people who were interested to play locally when I was younger but everyone around me was into rap, smoking weed and video games to ever play and learn chess lol.


In high school I was at the top for a while. Was supposedly at 2100. I don’t know if it was some bs or what but I just played for fun. My friends Dad would rape my shit in chess all the time. I remember I had to beat his kids before I was given a chance to play him and he would just destroy me in less than 20 moves. Fun times…
I also played my Dad since I was 9. No one would ever guess that any of us played chess and enjoyed it so much by looking at us.


LOL. I play basketball AND chess. Kinda weird but those two were my favorite sports. My interest for chess died unfortunately when I got older. Now its all about basketball baybee! Oh and poker too. It is a sport right?


Haven’t played in years but I’ve been meaning to get back into it. Soon as I find some time and a website that doesn’t take itself too seriously (I don’t want a rating because after I get my ass kicked it’ll be in the negatives).


I just play Chess on yahoo(best place for a game imo) for the most part lol, I know a little bit of Chess theory, but not very much… well the portion of the game I find most important is the opening moves, because that generally determines who wins and who loses…

I just studied any links on this page that arent dead(havent read them in a long while though).

Also read an old ass book(I think it was written by Bobby Fischer), that detailed a bunch of practical checkmates(ones that he used in real games)…

I wish I could find it right now…

EDIT: How the hell do you cheat in online chess?


yep yahoo games was generally my goto for online games in chess and go.


Can we combine the two? I recently have been playing live blitz games on and am currently in a flamewar trolling thread on that site lol.


Used to play when I was young. It’s a great game, luck has no factor in it, and no one has an advantage (except going first?). So if you lose or win, it’s all you.