Chi Cheng, Deftone Bassist dies at 42


Comes out of a coma, dies couple of years alter. That is some rough shit. Not a huge deftones band but RIP:


He was pretty solid. He knew his stuff very well, was respected within the music community, that was the first headline on Yahoo for me today. What a shame.


Sad news. I loved their stuff and caught their gig (sans Chi, sadly) over here in Manila a few years back.

RIP Chi, you will be missed.


Well that just ruined my night. Deftones are still one of my favorite bands to this day.


First band I ever saw live (they opened for White Zombie and Pantera back in 92 I think), and they blew me away. Sadly, the band sucked huge dick after White Pony, and I just stopped listening to them. I always stated they were a band that relied on their bass, and losing him to that car accident killed the band

Still, sad news is sad :frowning:


Wow I grew up listening to them and have always loved them. Sad to hear about Chi Cheng. I remember my cousin took me to see them live in Chicago back in 2004 when they were touring for their self-titled. I remember Chi distinctly because of Needles and Pins. This really sucks. Gotta buy a “one love for chi” shirt now.

RIP chi.


Their S/T was still solid, pre-wreck, but Chi was the driving force of the band.