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Welcome, and please post your name, games you play, and your location. My advice is not to spam, but post often enough so that we remember you exist. Not being annoying and general familiarity to Chicago goes a long way.

Chicago Ventrilo INFO

What is it?
Private 10 man server, capable of enabling voice chat between 360, PS3, and PC Chicago Street Fighter players. Usable for matchmaking, game discussion, or just killing time :stuck_out_tongue:

Needed for Use:
PC, Mic/headset, installed ventrilo application

Download Client:

-other questions and/or comments, post in the thread and/or PM Cracka J. info source.

Upcoming Tourneys:

Otaku Omaha Fighting Games Tournament - Council Bluffs, IA - July 3-5

EVO 2009 - July 17-19. (Las Vegas, NE)

ULTIMATE! Fight It Out III SF4/BB/TvC/HDr 8-01-2009 (Chicago, IL)

MN Meltdown - Minneapolis, MN - 8/15/2009

Most Powerful Shinobi (MPS) Tournament Racine, WI 8/22/09

Season’s Beatings 4 - Oct. 16-18 - '09 - Columbus, OH

[Potential] Semi-Regular Happenings

Street Fighter 4 Bar Fights Chicago! @ The Ashland: 2824 N. Ashland Blvd :: informal tourneys, drink specials, must be 21 or over. see discussion located within thread.

<insert event> @ aka kfree aka rob’s shop @ 350 South Main Place, Carol Stream, IL 60188 :: downstairs space for tourneys, instore pickup of stick parts available. see this post,this thread, this site. <- nothing come of this yet

Thursdays @ Gameworks (location info below) :: $10 all-you-can-play on Thurs. Must be over 21 after 9pm.

Other Places to Play:

Gameworks Chicago/Schaumburg: The Streets of Woodfield, 601 N. Martingale Road, Ste. 115, Schaumburg, IL 60173, 847-330-9675. 1 pair SF4 heat-to-head (side-to-side) cab, 1 pair KoFXII h2h cab, TvC and Tekken6:BR, various other fg cabs.

Nickel City Arcade, Northbrook IL: 2 MvC2 cabs, 1 3S cab, 1 CvS cab, […]: Brookside Plaza, 555 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 847-559-8727

Screenz: 2717 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614-1502, (773) 296-0300. Internet Cafe that hosts console gatherings. “Buy a drink.”

Black Hole Arcade Pizzeria?: 3057 W. 26th St., Chicago, IL 60623. Apparently this is a KOF hotspot and pizzeria.

Random Gatherings: Anyone is welcome to host gatherings. Recent gatherings have been held at Tatics’s, exarchezekiel’s, Dark Kakashi’s, Bombchivo’s. Keep your eye on the thread for random gatherings. They are informally arranged and info on them will generally not be found in the first post.

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All previous SRK Chicago threads fell victim to the 2003 crash.

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A beginners and intermediate guide to marvel
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Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2:
Melty Blood:
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Soul Calibur:,

Chicago BB Player/Char/System list: (if this needs to be updated please PM S-RX)

if you feel anything should/needs to be added/removed from the post ask

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See you all tonight at gameworks.

Thread Title: “Chicago 2009 Summer Mix: The Return of Gameworks?”

Wow man, we run thru threads like me thry white women… scary…

I dont think im keeping Carl… Im much too bad at keeping people where I want them… might go Rachel/Taokaka or somthing ARGGGGG I really wanted to play Carl but I even lose to people who are just mashing C with Hakumen (I run into a lot of those.)

Play who feels right.

yep, losing on the first day of playing means you’ll never ever get good at your character.

Nah Rob its not like that, I just dont “feel” Carl. like when I pick up some characters I immidiately know “Hey I like how this guy/girl plays and I wanna learn them” But when I got BB I didnt get that feeling…

Maybe its cuz BB is more deep and combo based than other games I play so I should wait till im at least intermidiate at the game before making this choice, but for now Carl is my secret character while I slave away on PSN with him.

Time will tell, its only Day 2 and I could just be whineng. lol:tdown:

So yeah I think ill go to gameworks today.

Right now I dont think imma be able to make it to the Friday gatherin though =(

So I can’t decide whether to have Blazblue overnighted or drive the 45 min to the nearest store with it…

Andy, can you add Fight it out III

Thank you in advance!

The second I touched Jin I knew he was mine, I really dont know whats going on but I just feel like im getting the hang of him pretty fast, still need tons of training of course but I know who im sticking with :bgrin:. Playing this game has been extremely fun, specially having to deal with simple minds who just do the same thing over and over then you crack them and they just start to block all day lol.

Andy please remove cyberarena from the links, the one in oakpark is closed down, only the one in gurnee is going strong.

What time are people going to Gameworks?

Also when does that freeplay thing end?

Ill probably be getting to gameworks in the early afternoon.

Jim you still having BB afterwords?

Soo bored I might have potentially helped you stick moders here:

Ask the OP where he got this $30 ps3 stick here:

$60 ps3 stick here (not sure how this one is…):

And I’m sure you can find the hori fighting stick 3 for cheap on ebay and what not.

And $67.97 for Final Fight one on GBA???

Blazblue is the fucking shit, nuff said

Andy under Useful links add Blazblue to dustloop

i have final fight one on gba, it’s sitting in my car right now lol

no homo :slight_smile:

DAMN forgot about the new SRK lingo :sad:

Also I thought id go ahead and post a few quick links in case people missed them since the other thread got closed.

Some good vids on that youtube page for BB and a basic combo / overhead combo / counter combo guide on the other site.

Also can we PLEASE put a poll on who is going to get the special treatment at this years EVO?
Im talking about the FUCK “insert name” special! Remember it has to be someone who isn’t going to EVO.

Also can’t do the same person twice, unless we run out of people eventually. But I nominate Rashad for one of the people on the Poll HAHAH!

P.S. Please get some Japanese players to say it, id buy that vid in a minute!

I vote Gio, for talkin’ shit about Floe and Wong.

Freeplay should start from like 9 to close.

I’ma prob be there around 7 or 8.

J-Money : Told you Carl would be insanely hard to use, but noooo…:rofl:

Floe : Check Carls match ups, he’s nothing without the Nirvana Clap Loop. Personally I’d say he’s worse then Tager but I think he’s got the worst match ups due to size/lack of speed.

Started to mess with Bang a bit last night, fun character and I cant help but laugh whenever I get Fu-Rin-Ka-Kan off, gotta love that theme song.

Im pretty sure Carl moved up to A-tier recently. since he can 100% everyone in the game.

Hes difficult to use, but im GOING to play carl… it may not be right now, it may not be in the next 3 months but rest assured… I will bring Peace to all of Orient Town with CARL CLOVER!

cue applause :encore::encore::encore::encore::encore::encore:

But for now im using your GF’s look alike as my character. :hitit:

we have a text monster in our thread now ‘___________’

just requoting this for people interested, it was on the last page of the last thread.
see you guys at GW tonight!

I have a monitor setup already ready 2 go for another 360 setup (w/vga input). All you would need to bring is a 360 and power source (and game). I’m going to ask that people PLEASE BRING THEIR OWN STICKS and not rely off someone else to lend you shit when your turn comes up. I’m not lending my shit out anymore (invested way too much time/$$ for someone to randomly break it), so you’re gonna be s.o.l. if you don’t bring your own shit.

I don’t really care anymore either. If you’re showing up to gatherings without anything to play on, that’s on you. Don’t expect others to cater because you forgot or broke your own shit.

and edit - lawl @ people abandoning 1st day chars because the wins aren’t coming. I have no intention of playing ragna in the long run (ok maybe a little), but I’ma spend the first couple months maining him so I can learn the base mechanics and flow of the game.

I swear, with every new fast paced game that comes out people get so fucking dumbed down in learning the 1000hit combos rather then learning the basics of their character. I get beasted by ari, but he still shows me what the base pokes/starters/pressure strings are and by seeing how that works (yes even if you lose 50 games to it) it makes you a bit better. Just take your mind off of trying to be fucking pro in a day. Basics first, crazy shit later.

Thread name suggestion: BB Time, everyone grab a loli.
I love Tager but he is so garbage. Not only does he have horible time closing in but the game is widescreen so it’s that much harder to close in. At least potemkin could rush in.
And why are Rachel’s explosions so fucking loud?