Chibi Kenshiro

I have been a huge Fist of the North Star fan for many years now, and been collecting images from it’s various iterations for just as long. I haven’t had much luck searching for chibi (super-deformed) drawings of any character, and that’s pretty dissapointing. Well, time to take matters in my own hands.

To give this character:

Proportions similar to this:

I started a few hours ago, and this is my current progress. First, I used Makehuman standalone to create the base model, then remade the face on my own. I based the eyes on a Lightwave tutorial, and am currently using an edited texture from it.
To do:

  • Work on face, fixing some proportions.
  • Hair.

face is too wide

Seems to me like it fits the chibi objective and proportions of the second pic.
I shrunk the head a bit. I think he looks better without compromising the “chibiness”. I also added unfinished clothes and began working on the hair. I am thinking of some way to cutify him a bit though…

yeah but its still gotta look like ken no?

and it looks better now turkeyfried

I’ve pretty much finished with the modeling. I need to add the chest wounds, and then I will proceed to rigging. I also stopped using the Ray shadows, since they didn’t really fit the style of this character.

Originally, I was going for a Detective Conan look, but along the way I decided to go for a less chibi form. Once I come up with a more fitting adjective I’ll rename it.

I finished basic rigging, and I only have a few kinks to sort out before he’s complete.

Once I finish him, I plan on working on other members of the HnK cast.


Now that this is done, I plan on creating the other characters from the series. Toki or Raoh’s coming next. I thank everyone who commented. Your assistance means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

Great stuff. :tup: