Chicago 10/20:cvs2/mvc2/3s results


Crap vs. shit (oops sorry cvs2 results):

1st:George"juicy G"fed
3rd:Jose"trance addict JUST SAY BLANKA/SAGAT/ANOTHA!!

comments:fuck this game.I wished if al queda is planning to assinate whoever gave this game the green light.I’m hoping the terrorist win!!

Mvc2 results:

1st:George "Juicy G"fed:mag/sent/capcom
3rd:Joel"strider klown"meza"cable/doom/cammy,mag/cable/psy
5th:rashad miller:doom/storm/bh(gotta uphold tradition)
5th:sergio"player unknown"Valadez:mag/cable/sent

comments:the shocker is derek,who took advantage of a fucked up bracket(like and sergiovs.joel 1st round).and finally managed to upset joel in loser final to steal 2nd,congrats to derek.marc went out in 2(losing to george then was upsetted by tony kao).interesting tournament to say the least.

3rd strike results:

1st:tony"#1 stunna"defily:necro
2nd:George"Juicy G"Fed:ken,yun
3rd: Domingo"nigga D"ayala:ryu/urien/oro

comments:tony wins fairly easily,george has a voodoo spell on Domingo because he continues to dominate him(he put him in losers and elimnated him)Tony defeats george in winners final 3-2,George defeats domingo 3-0,then tony pounded george 4-0 in final.congrats to tony(next tourney…I swear I’ll win one these 3s tourneys)and everyone who got off there ass an decided to support the chicago scene.peace

George the King of chicago fed


this cvs2 tournament was soo unfucking organised.and boring as
hell now i see what juiceman was talking about…
next time be more organised…:mad:



This tourney sucked…Domingo get your act together. You say signups are at 12 and then the tourney starts at 3:00, the time I expected it to end. ppl have places to be and have plans but man wtf is that…no wonder your tournies don’t get support. After 4 hrs of standing there waiting for an 8 man tourney to be run, you kinda get tired and don’t give a shit anymore. Even with all that said, thanks for running these things but please please run em better. Someone’s gotta do it, and I appreciate it. “FUCK DOMINGO!”

Congrats to Tony for playing the counters right…too ez! Good job Derek on upsetting Joel, this only proves you’ve gotten way better. Anways, I didn’t storm outta there cause I was mad, but cause I had other places to be and I was already sick of the game.

Btw, I didn’t go 2 and out…I beat ronaldo in losers. :o
Ari = EQ bum.
I’m getting the hang of 3s.


True about that 3 hour waitng for an 8 man tourny… Damn that was a long ass wait. But anyway congrats to george and derek that got allot better but i’ll be there next month again to bring my ass back to 2nd at least :frowning:


Sucks that no one even saw my triumph over Joel. All the matches were all really close!


Don’t worry when everyone watches that’ll be when you’ll choke again


Ok main reason its starts late is cause everyone gets there late…and its 3 tournaments at once and when it gets down to last brackets people have to be next in another game in order to move the other bracket…so you see it lags the tourney more…guess ill just run one game tournies from now so i dont hear the bitchin. If u guys wanna run the tournies id be more then glad to let you. As its stressed released on me cause playing and running tournies aint that fun. Im just trying to move the scene. Well George seems you have made me choke again. Untill next time.



Props! Good shit for running a tourney and placing D. Good shit
Tony, did you use Necro all the way? George shame on you Ken and Yun, they are no fair. Why all the dissing about CvS2? Its an ok game,better then Marvel anyway. Meaning at least I dont have to have Captain Comando to keep you on the ground so u can fight.

Peace Out Yall
My Ki is growing…


Necro for the finals and semis but i used yang a bit and Ken in 1 match:D


Those places are wrong. Marc placed higher than me.


Once the tournies start, they run pretty smoothly even with 3 tournies going on, that’s not the problem. The problem is starting on time. People getting there late doesn’t matter because you have the power to start without them. It wasn’t meant to sound like bitching but advice. All your tournies start late, it’s your curse. Next time do something about it.


I will say in defense of domingo that when domingo and I arrived at SJG only Derrick and his girlfriend were there… and we were already late as hell! Now i know you can’t throw a tournament with 3 people so…word to everyone, when signups say 12, show up at 12 it’s as simple as that. This rule applys to all but George, who seems to get driven to tournaments like a movie star is taken driven to the premiere of their latest movie.:stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. Domingo your still a pussy