Chicago 11/15 mvc2 results

1st:George "Don’t hate"Fed:Rowtron.storm/sent/cable
2nd: Derek "aggresive Driving"Douglas:Mag/Storm/Sent,Storm/sent/capcom
3rd:Tony "Since I’m KOW I’ll let derek live by NOT killing him with a dhc"Kao:Scrub,Storm/sent/capcom
5th:Rashad"ronaldo is my daddy"miller:Scrub,Storm/sent/capcom
5th: Douglas"I taught my hoez marvel like WHOA”:Scrub,Storm/sent/capcom


George wins pretty easily.losing one match the whole tourney.Derek put tony in losers by winning 2-1.Then advances to winner final losing to George 3-1.In losers Rashad LOSES TO RONALDO loser final derek beats tony 3-2.then loses in the final to george 4-0.

you must be bored with no comp.

When’s the next tourney you’re going to ?

I still gotta play you + combofiend:)

Marc, Ari, Joel, and I didn’t go to the tourney. Otherwise, I would have won!! :wink:

coughMy bro and I weren’t either.cough :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I doubt we woulda changed the results much…

Anyways, good shit to George for winning…again.

  • Mike

I’m just messin, somone beat that guy already

No need to trip.Derek is good he Just chokes in tournies.Tony K has quickly become one of the most fearsome and (biggest cable whore)in the chi,Now if he could fast fly.Nec is possible.But most of us aren’t too keen on console tournies.

I heard I won more money than 1st place…


George’s words are true. I go into beast mode after tournies when nobody gives a fuck anymore.