Chicago, 12/20/03 Nickel City Tourney


Four tournaments, arranged by Juicy G, were held at Nickel City on 12/20/03 including MVC2, CVS2, 3S, and GGXX. Here are the results for top 5 winners:

MVC2 2 on 2 Team Battles

1st place - Team “Ego”, George “JuicyG” & Marc “MadBooFace”

2nd place - Team “Elitist”, Tony “T.K.O.” & Ari “FloE”

3rd place - Team “deadweight”, Derek"learnslow" & Rashad “The Janitor”

4th place - Team “Ownage”, Taz"matic" & Mark “lil’mark”

5th place - Team “Random-Cracka”, Jim “cracka J” & Ronaldo “Pikachamp” - tied with Team “PimpBurger”, Douglas & Sluis

CVS2 Single Battles

1st & 2nd place - JuicyG & FloE (compromise)

3rd place - Kris “Dr. Killpatient”

4th place - Eric “Bob Washington”

5th place - Rashad tied with Douglas

3RD STRIKE Single Battles

1st place - FloE

2nd place - Tony D.

3rd place - Domingo “Nigga D”

4th place - Juicy G

5th place - Rashad tied with John

GGXX Single Battles

1st place - Juicy G

2nd place - Mike Bozak “Elven Shadow”

3rd place - FloE

4th place - Eric “Bob Washington”

5th - Dennis tied with Cracka J

George and Marc being randomly paired together is wack… :lame:

:lol: Quotables from the breakfast table:

“G-g-g-g-g-g-G-UNIT!! G-g-g-g-get yo ass in the car!! G-g-g-goodbye!!”


“You got P’ZOWNED!!”



Good job to all top finishers. Sorry I couldn’t make this, it sounds like it was too good.

'Lil Mark is my little brother.

  • Mike

P.S. George + Marc = unfair.


On paper our team was unfair…but tons of people gave us mad comp like team elitist and team deadweight. In fact ari and tony OWNED george the KoC up. I had to carry my team by using ROBOY :mad:. All in all team tourney was fun…and taz is combo machine.

Ego? what ego??? must be george’s big head (no homo).


Another tourney to get peaced out as early as possible. -_-

Good games though. I need to stop fucking up my combos. Or maybe I should really just stop choking in tourneys altogether.


team really should be called “team marc” cuz its not like george did anything =P


Taz and Mark should be team “Combomatic”.


I won when i had too…stfu:mad:…somebody cue up nas and p-diddy for me:rolleyes:


You wanna hate me then hate me; what can I do
But keep gettin money, funny I was just like you
I had to hustle hard never give up, until I made it
Now y’all sayin that’s a clever nigga, nuttin to play with
Hate on me, I blew but I’m the same ol Juicy G
People warn me, when you’re on top there’s envy
Took my niggas out the hood, but you doubt on us
Sayin we left the hood but can’t get it out of us
My bad, should I step out my shoes, give 'em to you?

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn this must be the juicemane’s anthem!


marc=my nigga


Hey i just saw the matches vs combofiend, nice.

That last match was cross-up hell:lol:

I hope you guys will be at next evo.



ayo, we’re gonna try out best to make ECC…no, really we will.

It’ll be interesting to see how george’s team scrub (or sent/capcom) will match up against your mag/tran. He’ll prolly play it safe and be smart by picking a different team especially after watching you own every tp’s team scrubs at evo. :wink: L8.


Hey man, that was just a random mag/storm team i chose, i’ll play my real shit against g there;)

I like trying to open up defense like that:p


what teams were used by juicy G and floe in cvs2?



sup everyone, good games ya’ll. I posted in the Chicago thread. I was looking for this one, but I missed it. Don’t know how, but NEway, Team Combomattik. That sounds good. Yeah I got combos, when my dashing works. If only I didn’t mess up. I need to get my Execution at 100% Im at 95 right now.

Good Shit CHI, and Derek, u need to read what I posted in the CHI thread! :stuck_out_tongue: