CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!




Just what happened here?


I’m wondering much the same…


Can you guys post about tournaments here, as I am not on facebook. Would appreciate it, thanks.


Game: Umvc3, ttt2, skullgirls, sfxt, persona 4
Location: Chicago
Car: Yes
PSN: blackdragon358


Used to be my favorite thread in the world.

Edit: Hey Spidey Mikey. If you’re interested in coming out to gatherings and such and staying up to date with the Chicago scene, be sure to check the Facebook group at:


I also made a new thread with updated stuffs


Why is this thread so dead?!


Probably most have went to Facebook…


Updated the title I guess lol. Forgot I had admin on this shit.


Hi everyone, Im new to the chicago fgc. i play street fighter five. where does glb show up i saw him on redbull and he looks free to guile.


He now plays Guile…


Where do the Tekken boys chill at in the Chi?


Dead thread but anybody near North side/Wrigley? Any game really just wanna hang and play some fighters.


You’re a scumbag




Since this forum is going to get shut down I’ll say this:

Monday’s we’re at ignite
Fridays they are at Logan arcade

We play ST and 3S
Lot of you HDR players never made it back to ST which is fine. Most of you were ok anyways


I am. I work. But I only play ST


The legend will NEVER die…

Well not until later this month at least lmfao


Had to pay my respects. RIP old friend.

Hope something better comes from the ashes.