CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

I hate to keep repeating myself but Ive already said countless times that we are getting more tables and already know that a 3rd table in middle would have provided my ideal setup for running the tournaments and having casual stations as well. The 3rd table had to go to the streaming area unfortunately which is the one we used the prior week.

Apologies. It was badly worded. I wanted to reiterate, not to write it as a suggestion.


Ahh i see, I wasnt sure at first either but it sounded like a suggestion after reading it over a few times haha.

I used Chun-Li, Zero, and Dormmamu.

Tony K uses MSS

Dan used (From what I saw) X-23 Tron Wesker

Thanks man.

Official Results Thread here: Windy City Wednesdays 1 (formerly Midwest Midweek Midtournament) Results - July 20, 2011

Yeah, that sounds right. I thought Tony K was a chalk (in the MvC2 sense) player.

Wasn’t there talk of setting up at some sort of M:tG place? Did that fall through?

I read the third fast and laughed… hard.

Anyone looking to play tonight? I know GGA has 1 free room, I dont think i am going to go but I know quite a few that are interested in gaming tonight.

for GGA or another location?

There is a place called Pennyroad Pub in Barrington that could host casuals/tourneys on Sundays for no venue fee or anything. We would just need a lot of people to bring setups/t.v.s

I guess South Side is having a gathering, Roberto is hosting by Harlem and 63rd. Ill post his info in a few.

7729 W. 62 Place Summit, IL 60501

He is playing anytime now till around 2:00am or later, said to just show up.

depending who posts up I may go for some KOF (and/or maybe some arcana???)

yeah, what about this place? I’d imagine they got all sorts of card-slingers in there weekends, though, but MTG Chicago would be awesome for me, since I could walk there…!

so whos on facebook? add me so someone can comment on my status’s pertaining to video games.

Mike Stathis

I added you.

Secondly Bearded: I really like that name.

called gga both steambox sweaty rooms booked.

any other ideas?

Man I want to get some games in.

I’m sure everyone is thinking the exact same thing, heh.