CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Are you going to Ignite tomorrow?

It appears that Floe will be there. There won’t be a major tournament, possibly a small impromptu one if there’s enough interest. Money matches are likely.

don’t be a pussy max

But it’s my best impression!

Sounds like fun. Ill def money match him then while I’m there then.

Presenting the next five Windy City Showdown events at Galloping Ghost Arcade, along with forum threads.

August 17th: Floe Edition [Aug 17, 2011] GGA's Windy City Showdown (Special FLoE Edition) (Chicago, IL)

August 24th: Lucky Strike [Aug 24, 2011] GGA's Windy City Showdown (Lucky Strike Edition) (Brookfield, IL)

August 31st: Team Tournaments [Aug 31, 2011] GGA's Windy City Showdown (Team Tournaments) (Brookfield, IL)

September 7th: Casuals Day [Sep 8, 2011] GGA's Windy City Showdown (Casuals Day) (Brookfield, IL)

September 14th: Battle 3 [Sep 15, 2011] GGA's Windy City Showdown (Team Tournament) (Brookfield, IL)

ty everyone who came out to chicago heart 3

i’d go to fighter x shooter but


Nah I can’t get to ignite, if you’re ever at GGA I’ll be there. If not just give it to someone else.

Throwing this out there, who’s going to SB this year?

Hmm, wonder if I could somehow talk ghaleon into getting me a tiny table to sell shit >.<

Nice Max, thanks for putting in the time for all those! Added that to the Venue Info as well.

Did anyone who attended EVO get a AE copy for PC that they are not going to use? Still looking to trade my PS3 for a TE stick also btw.

Does the PS3 work fine? If so I may snag it from you so that I can give Joe’s back >.<

Yeah it works perfectly, its the 80gig backwards compatible fat one.

Even better, how much you want for it? How much for extra stuffs (controllers, etc). Also, could I possibly pay you via paypal?

check PMs

Who’s heading to ignite today? Ill be there around 6:30/7:00’ish

i am going, but wont be staying the whole time, as i have a lot of other tasks to finish.

AU_DROPS_RAIN_COMBOS here and I got an early B-day gift, a HD webcam that I can use for GGA now… I’ve been testing it out and it is really sweet, cant wait to show you guys this Wednesday

No Ignite for me tonight, but I’m gunna try to make it out to GGA on Wednesday

Aaand I’m back. From what I’ve been hearing I missed some good events this past week. Downloading Freddy now, lulz. I’ll certainly be at GGA on weds, and am pretty damn excited for FxS.