CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!


also i need a partner

art you going to this???

I wish I could make it tonight, damn school. I still hope i can make it to ignition though.

fuck i totally forgot it was thursday or i woulda loved to have come for the team tournaments


A list of non-forum members who signed up for the LOF Invitational on our Facebook group page:

[][SIZE=11px][SIZE=11px]Fame Douglas - PSN: FameDouglas (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Germaine Williams - PSN: Egg64 (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
[][SIZE=11px]James Dela Serna Jr. - PSN: n0thin89 (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Isaiah Lawerece - GAMERTAG: Sirjabbo (Chicago, IL)**** [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11px]Darius Smith - GAMERTAG: Expect a Punish (Chicago, IL)
[][SIZE=11px]Terrence Pritchett - GAMERTAG: DarkAbyss Zion (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Marvin Delan - PSN: MEDJ (Chicago, IL)**** [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11px]Terrence Henson - GAMERTAG: BIGT729 (Chicago, IL)
[][SIZE=11px]DeShae Grant - GAMERTAG: MY ART OF PAIN (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Rashaun Woods - PSN: BeastMutt (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
[][SIZE=11px]Chris Cruz - (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Miguel Salcedo - PSN: Angeloww (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
[][SIZE=11px]Tony Vega - PSN: DARKENGREY94 (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Chris Gamble - (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
[][SIZE=11px]Alan Vega - (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Justin Keller - GAMERTAG/PSN: InvasiveChain (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]
[][SIZE=11px]Ladarius Willaby - GAMERTAG: Twonic pro (Chicago,IL)[/SIZE]
][SIZE=11px]Marcus Williams - GAMERTAG: L00 SKILLZ (Chicago, IL)[/SIZE]

Great! How is this pertinent to the Chicago thread at all?

Sucks man. Would’ve loved to have you there. See you on Saturday?

Results thread is live: Windy City Showdown: Team Battles 1 Results (9/15/2011)

Big ol edit.
Let’s just say i was kind of wrong here.

I wasn’t paying attention to your thread so forgive the error. Wish you the best of luck. Not sure why you have pot bonuses for a game no one plays though…



To draw people to the game. SF, MK and Tekken don’t need any help with that at all.

A lot of LOF community members have KOF XIII on pre-order and are anxious to play. Close to 50 of us so far. People who don’t like KOF in general most likely won’t play at the event. I’m not here to convince you, one way or another, to play KOF XIII on console, in the arcade or at the event - IF you come. I’m just posting the info for the event like everyone does for theirs.

This is our first event like this so there may have been a miscue here or there on the announce, but I’d rather make a misstep two months out than 2 minutes into it. We’re a small community (for now) and only want to do our part in supporting the Midwest movement and, of course…have fun!

I didn’t wanna flood post on the thread so I’ll just edit…

Tactics has offered to help us out with our event as well and we accepted his offer. His experience would be a great help to us and is appreciated.

Hey guys I know its kind of late but ggs at ignite on Monday. Lol im still going through a character crisis, but I have been using alot of cammy lately, I just love doing those sako combos lol. Also hope everyone has a great time at the tournament at Ignite on Saturday. I am more than confident that Nives will be an excellent host, and will have everything running accordingly.

Also Konkrete, I notice that there is a small group of you guys that play Arcana Heart, and I always wanted to give the game a shot, but I feel that its a bit too late for me to get into it now. I was never into the japanese style anime fighters, but there is this new game that really caught my attention, and you might have heard of it, its called “Skull girls”. The art in that game looks so nice and fluid, and the combat looks fun. Just wondering were you guys going to try it out? because I didnt want to play a game that no one else is going to play lol.

I’ve been hype on SG for a looonnngg time now, esp since AH has been on weak legs. You should start checking on the thread in FGD, as Mike Z will break down stuff and answer questions. I really do hope people give this a shot because it looks great and all the mechanics in it actually work for a better competitive game while not alienating the casual. In fact, people should just watch this, then they’ll know, man. They’ll know.

If only you had the same attitude towards KOF XIII, even a lil bit.

You guys really do need to approach things different… He is just trying to help and make a decent event, no need to rag on him at all. Fact is he is doing a ton more then more then half of you, going is an option no need to put him on blast on the thread, take your feedback to messages. There are still many fighting gamers who don’t know about our scene, I for one am curious to go just to be able to talk to other gamers and let them know that we do have a community they might not be aware of.

Anyways, good games at GGA, was a ton of fun as usual!!! Thanks to the GGA staff for having us over again! Think we had around 35 people, lots of casuals throughout the night and team tournaments were fun! I must say i failed miserably at the Gief gauntlet in the AE teams tournament. We had a guy show up that was from Sydney Australia, guess he was in town so he stopped by, was pretty good too but ran into the Gief gauntlet as well lol.

PS. Thanks again Max for taking the time in running the brackets, can’t do this without you.

Turns out SBO starts today and the stream begins tonight (Fri) at 9pm CST!

FubarDuck wrote an article on how to purchase Nico NIco points to view the SBO 2011 live stream:

Rob, right? He’s a good player I wish I got to play more then one match with him. I want this Shit with my gamer tag fixed playing once a week is lame.

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yes you need pants

“Would love to have seen this live…you all have any video of the event?”

Scratch that…found it! lol

GGs last night, I’m glad I brought my system for 3S, it got a lot of love. Just wish I was better, haha

Probably won’t see any of you until SB though, so for those of you going and planning on entering I suggest you get practicing now. I’m definitely getting started… on training my stomach to handle the insane amount of beef bowls I’m going to eat… time to eat a ton of lettuce.

Also, Hiro… Donvalve is a bastard, it’s the character gief’ dreams of being. It also makes me giggle that you’re so salty Phoenix Wright will be bad. BAAAHAHAHA

So you move GGA to thursdays, where I can’t go, and you start playing BF again?!?!

I’m allowed to have my own preferences. But this is a moot argument. I apologize for the ragging, and I’ll support your event if I can get out there.