CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!


Err we’ll see, bad news is I can only stream from 360 with the gear I currently have and I’d really like to have SG shown.



360 has so much frame stutter it’s ridiculous. Fine though.


With all due respect…why not just carry 2 pads? it’s not like it’s really really inconvenient or anything.


Capcom has released an exclusive 8-bit lanyard ft. my SSF4 sprites! They can be purchased at the Capcom store here:


i’m not a big fan of those, i really don’t like playing on d-pads. thanks for the offer, though.


i’m just much, much more comfortable on a 360 pad than a ps3. although it seems like it might be worth it to just get used to the ps3 pad and start doing that.


Yo. gratz to me for getting bodied free


GGs yesterday to all! Boy howdy was that a fun time. I need to grind me some KoF, it seems.

LET IT BE KNOWN that at Ignite tomorrow, I will be running a $2 Skullgirls tournament. I might make some sort of ranbat series out of it, but at this point I am just going for this one alone. Signups start whenever I unload my shit at around 6:30, and the tourney will start at 8:30


For all those looking for a little practice before UFGT8, check out MallBrawl on Sat. May 19th located at the 2nd busiest mall in Minnesota, the Rosedale Mall!


GGs last night, not sure how I ended up at the bar at 3


Great tournament. Great experience. GGs to y’all.

EDIT: Also KOF $2 tournament will be going down at ignite tomorrow as well.


Yesterday gave me what I needed to get hungry…but then I ate a slice of pizza with jalapeño. [SIZE=3]Good stuff, guys.[/SIZE]


I had a blast last night. Nice to see so many good players come out. Marcus, I’m almost thinking of staying until ufgt for a runback.


Get 2 fightpads, so the controllers are identical. I’ve seen a few people doing that.


Thanks for the tournament last night, ggs everyone.


Thanks everybody for coming last night. The results thread is live with a link to full brackets: Windy City Showdown Prime, 4/21/2012 Results

Congratulations to the tournament winners: Big Marcus, Yanu, Mario, Brightside, and Brightside.

Let’s do it again next month.


I am missing a red memory card reader and 16GB SD card since last thursday at GGA.
If anyone found it, please let me know.

NVM, GGA had them.



I won’t be at GGA this coming Thursday, and won’t be running $3 tournaments.


I have two DOTA 2 invites for anyone that wants them. Speak up and PM me. First come first serve.


GGs in KOF XIII. Mario came back to win it all eh? WTH JAMES JR!!!