CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!



I won’t be at GGA this coming Thursday, and won’t be running $3 tournaments.


I have two DOTA 2 invites for anyone that wants them. Speak up and PM me. First come first serve.


GGs in KOF XIII. Mario came back to win it all eh? WTH JAMES JR!!!



Speak for yourself. Always runnin, CLARK JUST WANTS MORE FRIENDS. >:|


Does galloping ghost serve liqour?


No, and doesn’t allow outside liquor as well.


Dave and busters needs to have a mk9 machine built… And host tourneys then…


Forget that place then, I’m going to start my own arcade with hookers, and blackjack

you know what, forget the arcade

and the blackjack


Good call




Looks at screen in background

Total Damage: 0
Max Damage: 0
Full screen of mashed inputs

Yeah, I’m not afraid.




Is this some sort of criticism?


Reposting this here because I’m pretty fucking sure I didn’t have a standard white ball top with a link on it in my bag, yet came back with only that.

Did anyone pick up my hello kitty ball top + a bag with a few joystick parts in it from GGA last thursday?

The last time I saw the bag was at GGA when I took it out of my side pocket to fix zansam’s stick real quickly, then put it back.

They either fell out onto the couch when I was digging around after putting them back the firs time, or someone took them out.


Get rid of that IM avatar. You aren’t a low tier player like me anymore.


As you wish.


G Scott Appoves


If I may say so.


Also, German Disc Throwing is #1 Humbag.


still got those dota2 invs?


German Disck Throwing is for communists.