CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!


anyone here play Vf5 FS looking to get into that when i finally return to the US but if theres nobody playing im gonna be a sad panda


Kind of getting tired of Tactics, what you guys think of this name? There is some imposter in NC that is using Tactics as well so It bothers me greatly.


Yeah the first time I saw him on a stream I was confused as fuck at you playing Honda lol


do people still go to gameworks?

i dont know what this means for the property there.


nah, but that won’t affect much of the actual property, the majority of stuff at Streets of Woodfield has been there since I was in high school and still sees a lot of business


Announcing the 4th Windy City Showdown Prime tournament at Nickel City! This one will take place June 30th!

Details in thread here:




Most of Chicago isn’t good enough to play VF5FS apparently. I’ve only seen 3 people try it.



good timing, imma be booked like every weekend in July between EVO/birthday/bachelor parties


Teach me VF on Thursday. I actually do want to learn it, just won’t have time to learn every tiny detail :confused:


There’s a thread of us on the Chicago FB page playing it, I’d link you to it if I weren’t on my phone. If you’re on PSN add me. RVNR


FB? I wasn’t aware there were Foosball websites for Chicago. Huh, I might have to look into that.




Dunno where you’ve been… :rolleyes:


hero only uses anti-social media


Yeah like, picking my phone up once in a while and dialing digits.


people actually use their phone to call people?


checks twitter on phone




down jab.

always down jab.


hitting up GGA for the first time in forever. Can possibly drive a couple northsiders. If you know me and you need a ride, PM me.


does anyone play 3rd strike at all at GGA?