CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Anyone going to gameworks tomorrow???

Nope…Friday, actually…for a friends birthday. I’m on XBL now, if anyone wants to throw down in some AE (TheRealRiotEXE) However, for some reason, my SSF4 disc is screwed up, despite having NO scratches, and will not let me host lobbies, so you’ll have to invite me to a room.

Weird. Maybe it’s your Xbox? I’ll add you. I need some practice. @.@

Nah, it’s JUST THAT GAME…everything else is fine.

Tried installing it?

It’s already installed…it’s just a bum disc.

nevermind re-read the post lol

yeah im down most of the time, im at the end of the brown line. i just play ae though

Sunday if im off ill tll you by friday.

Make sure you guys check my siggy for awesomeness!!!

Chicago event in the city AND no venue fee! (21+)

Just make sure you your ass at CH3. And I’m not sure if I can go. I go back to school on the 22nd. And I’m only 18. I don’t think I can go to a bar.

Uhhh who are you?


Tubo you need a GIF of Tokido trying to do the ultra 2 from EVO =P.

Some good deals from newegg for one day, they have a nice Acer monitor for only $109.

Also very damn good showing, didn’t expect it to be this big but it was! We had easy 50 people that showed up for the event or more!!! Just keep supporting guys and we will make sure to keep things going in the right direction(more space and equipment)

ALSO ANOTHER GGA GATHERING ON FRIDAY, same price as Wednesdays and most of the crowd is coming back on Friday as well!!! So show up and take advantage of our venue!! Man I love having these gatherings, so many games and I have a great time! I will see you guys Friday(3:00PM-2:00AM or later since its weekend).

GGS to everyone at GGA btw!!!

Thanks, I was looking into buying a new monitor to game with… And I think I might seal the deal on this one.

Good matches tonight everyone! Hope you guys liked my pc AE setup. Sorry the button config and stuff is so weird in it haha. Couple people mentioned that my tv might be a little laggy though, I’ll have to check and make sure. If thats the case I could bring a possibly lagless monitor

good spot on that acer deal. just ordered one.

I need a new avatar. Possibly something animated with IFD in it. Also Yang. Any takers?

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