CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Why wouldn’t I?

Awkward seeing so many Ibukis last night.

Haha yeah. One of the reasons I picked Ibuki as a main is because not really that many people play her, then I start coming to GGA and there’s so many

My thoughts exactly when i saw a whole bunch of Ibukis, Adons, and Dee Jays at EVO



Saturday, August 13 at 11:00am - August 15 at 2:00am

Galloping Ghost Arcade

9415 Ogden Ave.

Created By
Doc Mack

For Galloping Ghost Productions

More Info
Come join us for our 1 year anniversary!! We want to thank very one for all the support we recieved in the last year by having a party! Starting SATURDAY at 11AM, we will be open around the clock until 2AM on MONDAY (39 hour event!)! We will have free food, several tournaments, high score runs, contests and more!!/event.php?eid=252954664722606

i will try to be there on the Sunday for that, would love to go on Saturday but that is when Chicago Heart 3 is going down .If you do go though $15 covers the whole event being 2 days.

And I am sure you can blame Sako for that Ibuki influx.

Isn’t Chicago Heart that weekend?

I extra late but GGa was so fun last night. i had a great time and it was cool to play other good players. Thanks Tactics so much man I appreciate what you are doing so much, Thanks GGA for hosting the event your establishment is MINDBLOWING! GG’s to everyone I played (I’m the “Pad” Guy player and the Zero Dante user lol) It was great. Can’t wait to do it again.

Also good morning to everyone

I need to make sure I’m not playing on laggy stuff, I was mindfucking myself after playing on it. I get on tilt way too easy :frowning:

Oh before I forget that $5 money match was hilarious! I’m mad you won $5 then lost it Frankie lol. That Chris was sick though. I’ve never seen those combos before :wtf: Good stuff

I blame YOU for that 59 win streak you bodied people with the first night we had a GGA gathering.

Inspiring Chicago one crossup kunai at a time.

WTF is everything ok?

Anyways GGs at GGA last night! I played mostly BB and AH3 but yeah, good times!

Bearded - It seems it lasts from Sat -> Monday, so even if everyone goes to CH3 (which I hope they all do!), there’s still Sunday and Monday where you could go to GGA.

…after a few months of martial arts…ahhemm…i need some games…im back hosting open to cool ppl…
FRYDAY 4307 S HARLEM#2 GATHERING…i talkd to NGA D n no1 is holding down south side,no1 plays on week ends…???
wtf…(weak sauce…)…ill start hosting weekly FRY again…soo show up 7pm to 1am…BYOB…i wnt host if ppl dnt reply
my number is f up…but getting one today!!i will post again 2marow n call ppl up soo show up…BRING CVS2,MK9.MVC3 AESSF4…n that thing thing we used to eat al the time back in the day…i can let ppl SLEEP OVER ENTHING just get the f up the next day…(THANX…)

,YO can some one post ^^^^^on TYM.COM CHICAGO THREAD i lost my password…

Dude it’s MCslycooper from AH3. I play Eko just like you. BTw, Havik is my real gametag.

ggs at gga

see u guys on friday

Windy City Wednesdays presents: Thank Ghost It’s Friday! This Friday, August 5th. Now with a forum thread: [Aug 5, 2011] Thank Ghost It’s Friday: A Windy City Wednesdays Special Gathering (Brookfield, IL)

Much better (and cheaper) than being at Lollapalooza.

And let’s not forget next Wednesdays tournament gathering: [Aug 5, 2011] Thank Ghost It’s Friday: A Windy City Wednesdays Special Gathering (Brookfield, IL)

My god that has your name all over it, lol.

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Yep, I’m lame.