CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Haha man Max that made me laugh pretty hard, good looking on a thread for it also.

Apples dont host this Friday fool we all going to GGA this Friday.

GGs at GGA but…
The GGA event is the same day as Chicago Heart. I really don’t see how we can support both events.

I’ll talk about it in person when I see you guys. I just wanted to let you guys know why I didn’t show up.

Is fine though. Nothing bad really happen. Just a long day over there… ^_^;

Go to Chicago Heart 3 on Saturday. Spend the rest of the weekend at GGA or go there immediately after Chicago Heart 3, since they will be open all weekend long until 2AM on Monday… :slight_smile:

The GGA anniversary event is actually all weekend, so people can attend Chicago Heart Saturday and GGA Sunday.

Rock on I guess I should read more eh?
Also, the new GGA setup was nice! losts of room and lots of setups. The stream station was very cool too, and it seemed like it was going pretty smoothly. So much MK though…but hey, that’s your steez. GG’s to those that I played. Would have liked to play more people in SF but with Rob in town it’s tough to pass on playing AH.

Yo Chicago, I know you guys have a pretty big tournament coming up next week, but just in case you feel like getting out of town for the weekend. Screenland Showdown 2 is August 13-14. Kansas City, MO. EMP Santhrax, Dieminion, Evil Rahsaan, IFC Yipes, OMGitzAndre, and Rex0r all in attendance.

GGA was definitely great last night. Cool to have a big game variety.

Marvel money matches and the test your luck mm was hype. Gotta keep doing those on casual night, it keeps it interesting!.

Yeah, mk was on the stream the most but it was like 2 hours of mk, 1 of ae, about 1.5 of marvel, then another hour of mk. It wasn’t super lopsided and much like other streams cater to marvel or ae mainly with the other games added in, medinas caters to mk mainly. The stream monsters were definitely enjoying marvel tho lol.

Personally it’d be fun to have AH3 on stream for a little bit one of the casual days. Even if you love the game you have to admit it would totally bait the stream chat into going nuts.

Should be getting better every wednesday too, medina said he is going to be working on getting the camera working with him comp this friday so we will have a player cam for button checks (and possibly a post match popoff) in the following weeks.

the thing is the Aug 12th weekend is not only chicago heart, but also wizard world.

so hey i’m planning to show up for the first time to GGA on friday, do I have to bring anything?

Also looking for someone to make the Windy City Wednesdays Logo that is used in the stream. Id like one with WCW in the logo with somehow incorporating the Chicago Skyline into it. GET TO WORK GUYS!

Bring a controller of choice, if you could, a system, games, and a lcd screen. Just in case if we run short of setups.

PS No one support that ScreenLand tournament, we had ours set first no reason why they didn’t set theirs the following week.

i dunno if I can swing all that, lol but I can bring games, I got ssf4, bbcs, mk9, tekken 6 mvc3 doa4(lol) sc4(lol) so any/all of those?

For what system? If you have an AE /Mvc3 disc for PS3 or 360 that would be great so we can use that in the GGA systems.

yo that was a crazy amount of people yesterday. I stayed waaaaay too late. But couldn’t pass up the beatings from Rob, ugh!

haha yeah you guys were going at it i thought you were going to sleep over. We could possibly stay later on Friday if you guys are game for it ill get it approved by Doc, he mentioned before that it would be no problem so how does 4:00AM close time for Friday sound?

everything on 360, dont have AE disc though =P

I’m definitely up for staying late on friday since I don’t have to work the next day.

Thanks everyone for a great stream last night, surprisingly people were disappointed to miss Sf4 and MVC. I’m going to try my best and make each weeek better and better lol, I might not be able to go tomorrow because of some family stuff but I will see (crosses my fingers)

Thanks again for running the stream Medina, was good stuff. Just an FYI the MVC archive got labeled as MK9, took me a little while to find me getting blown up 'cause of that lol.

We dont need a stream for Friday, to be honest we could just use the space for extra setups, maybe you should actually get to play Medina and take a break cause next week is going to be hella busy. Check your email for more info!

anyone going to gameworks tonight?