CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

I would but 2 setups only is getting old now…

Any word on if Capcom is gonna hold another Chicago Fight Club event like they did last year? I know it’s a stretch but, can’t hurt to ask…

If I know players are going tonight I’ll go to GW. We have to make sure we get an asus on the stream monitor that might with some of the lag people said they were experiencing.

Sup javier Yup ill be there on Monday as a matter of fact I am starting my two week vacation from work next week…Also I attended gga last night and had fun met a couple of nice people. I probably won’t be able to go to gga consistently though since it took me 45-50 minutes to get there lol all of that driving can be draining, but I will try to make any big events you guys hold.

I am working on that…we need a lagless screen which does 720p and has component connection(is lagless with this input). I remember Eric aka Bob Washington having a nice lagless screen that was component/720p so I am trying to get a hold of him. Medina said that Wirecast wont work on a non HD signal so my component tube is of no use since it wont receive 720p. His capture card uses component so we have to use that…If he could find a HDMI one which is compatible with Wirecast that could solve all our problems as well.

All that driving is worth it if you play good players and get to level up though skillz08! A lot of the guys from burbs are driving for that long as well. Just a suggestion if you plan on getting good.

Yeah, tactics has a strong point. I know because of responsibilities, financial situation etc., it’s not possible to make it out every time. It sucks especially if you want to level up. But if a 40/50minute, or hour drive is the only thing that’s stopping you, you should bite down and still make it , at least every other week, or once a month.

At least if you’re serious about leveling up and wanting to be part of the Chicago scene. We don’t have the accesible spots of NORCAL or SOCAL, so we have to make due with what we have.

Hell you might even find people that live close to you and you have a sparring partner. All of that helps.

I come out of Evanston, so it can take up to an hour and 15 minutes in traffic. On the trek back it’s barely 30 mins, since theres no traffic.

It’s all worth it. Could help if you try to get a car pool started, but yeah with the experience you can get at these gatherings, an hour drive is nothing compared to how much you’ll be leveled up after a few visits.

I believe there is a capture card that is compatible with HDMI. If I find it, should I go ahead and put an order in?

Good games last night! Been awhile since I’ve been able to come out and last night was awesome.

Nice meeting a couple people, Ibuki player on the PC setup (sorry…didn’t catch your name, but you liked my shirt :rofl::razzy:. No homo) and skillz08 (I was showing you and Perseo Cammy stuff at the end of the night).

Also, nice seeing some old faces I haven’t seen around in awhile, Rob, Roberto, Perseo, Arturo, Juan, and BIG RED!

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On a similar topic, I will be car-less in about 2 weeks. I would like to request to bum rides from someone. I live in Rosemont (9502 glenlake ave), and can go to different points on the north blue line if needed. For our current gathering dates, I get off work at 4:30, so I should be ready by 5:00 for pick up at the latest (work is 5 minutes from my place by walking). Obviously I will pay for gas. Please send a PM if anyone would be available to work something out. Thank you.


Lol hey man funny that you mention it you actually inspired me to start playing cammy again and I am actually back in the lab with her right now practicing her new links thanks. Also tactics and tolanks you make valid

Since work says no GGA for me this week…
I’m heading to Gameworks in a few minutes.

Hope to see someone there.

That’s too bad you’re cool as hell dude. Just try and come as often as you can.

Oops I got cut off I was just going to say that you guys make a valid point I’m just gonna have to hit the road and grind it out also someone on the thread was saying that ppl usually show up at gga at about 3 so I get there at 4 and was the only one in the game room lol it was cool though because I checked the arcade out and played some games, it was really nice. Also hopefully I can get my xbox fixed by next week so I can bring my own setup. Thanks a lot guys and see you next week.

People do show up early at times but I think people werent in such a rush due to them coming back from EVO or getting off work. The best time to show up is well whenever you want to, part of the reason we werent play asap was also cause I didnt get there early to setup and get some games in, had to wait til 4:30pm to get my babysitter at my place so I could head out. But glad to see you be more persistent cause it will definitely pay off.


**That is the monitor we need for the stream setup in order to have a lagless screen via component(9ms) and still be able to maintain our HD quality stream. **

Well I really needed a beer tonight for some odd reason, anyone up for a few drinks at the bar down the street from GGA before or during being there?

anything goin on sat/sunday?

Really really rough draft.

Really liking it already!

Good to know. I figure if I can’t make it out for a while (work), I should try to do somethin’ else for y’all.

Thanks Kenny really appreciate it.

Also what do you guys think of Windy City Fights/Fighters as our go to name for all GGA events, I was thinking of Windy City Games but WCG is kind of taken haha. If you have a good abbreviation go for it and let me hear it. Or should we just go with Windy City Games anyways? This is all assuming we even move the game night to Thursday(if we could).