CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Looked like it went awesome. SO MUCH ROOM! (when theres not 150+ people)

Looks like I’m going to have to HTFU on some saturdays when I’m free, especially when these monthlies start happening. Although idk if anyone lives near me now that I could bum rides from…

Still. Ignite is tomorrow! I hope to see KoF in full force because I am hungry.

I definitely wont be missing the action at Nickel’s monthlies. North side!

Had some good fun last night. I feel like things are starting to click and I’m really starting to enjoy myself.

You can see me exposing some fraud in the back.

I can see the fundamentals from here.

You can see me playing KOF on a TE stick. That shit cray.

We had around 20 people at NC btw, very good turnout for the first showing…considering there was another event going on the same night! To clarify also, no outside drinks are allowed at NC as well…

The pic was taken towards the end of the night but you can see GLBest in the back holding back to make sure people don’t rage quit and never come back.

Aiight so here is my tier chart I posted on DreamCancel for KOFXIII.

Here is the link to make your own, have fun.

Goddammit James. Goddammit.
Ignite event page
I hope people are fine with the name Monday Night Ignite. I got nothing else.

So the chart is bottom to top most likely to OCV?

Our Facebook Group is causing our forum to be less active heh.

looks great guys. i’ll see you there Saturday.

Edit: Hey, anyone going to anime Central?

Ranbats at GGA. Corgis are hype. [Jan 26, 2012] Windy City Showdown Ranbat 1.1 (Brookfield, IL)

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to Ignite tomorrow. Depends on schoolwork but I’m gonna see what I can do.

Now the real question is revealed: Who is going to have to live with the shame of ending up ranked lower than me?

hope some hardcore ae2012 shit goes down at ignite tomorrow.

was anyone else invited to this/does anyone else plan on going…? last time was really fun. cheap beer and good games all night. and there was always an extra ps3 somewhere in case you wanted to play whatever

Anyone from/near skokie going to ignite? I’m looking to bum a ride again, I’d throw in on some gas

Should be making GGA this week, need to get back into the groove. Any special rules for the ranbats?