CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

ignite tonight! Will KOF ranbats finally happen?

If there is enough people that wanna enter, then yea, fosho.

Yes there will ranbats tonight, I will be running it as I Make my return to Monday Night Ignitro! James bring those brackets if you have them printed out.


Also I am thinking of running a tournament on Feb 4th at Nickel City, extra $ into the pots as well.

I see why you’d want to run an event, but just hear me out here. We have to make sure that events are spaced out and won’t hit on the same week or close to as other events, this will make sure people are not having to choose between spending more money and not supporting other venues. With three venues this is going to become a juggling problem. Also, it wouldn’t hurt that we may have to run different flavor events at the different venues. Thus keeping some appeal to go to different events.

Sorry I don’t know how a ranbat works, does anyone mind giving me a brief description?

Ranbat = ranking battle. Typically, it’s a point system where you get a certain number of points for a specific placing. TBH at the moment this KoF thing isn’t a ranbat just yet, mostly just cheap tourneys. But maybe we can try to figure something out tonight in terms of a point system and a season system.

Max is going to be running a series of them in order to win seeding at ignition, although you’ll have to ask him how he’ll be doing it.

$5-$10 for a tournament is hardly a lot of money, plus the scene has got even bigger but you haven’t been around much to notice that Eric. NC at the moment is going to get a big portion of the community who cant attend weeknights due to work or other obligations midweek. Also people want to level up, a lot of hungry gamers out there, stop thinking like the past and instead embrace our new scene :).

This is Chicago we’re talking about. Not Winchestertonfieldville.

On another note Arthur should use his super powers of Social Networking and Tweeting to get into the Cross Assault show. Would be hype.

Will there be SSFIV:AE at ignite tonight?

Probably making a bad decision for schoolwork but I’ll be at Ignite tonight. Get bodied in AE and KOF.

Im going to Ignite tonight. Im bringing Xbox360 with UMvC3 and SSFIV AE so if you have an Xbox 360 controller/stick. Bring em’. See you guys there.

People saying “this is Chicago” is the reason that sticks around, wake up already and let that go. We have been having tournaments on a regular for a while now. If you keep trying to be positive good things will come. People use to say “this is Chicago” so they didnt go to Area XIII right? Now we are sitting here with 3 venues, Majors, Ranbats, a Stream, lots of tournaments. So I think that saying needs to go.

Competing is what is important, not spending money. I’m totally down for 1 dollar tournaments. As long as something is on the line, people will play serious.

Another solution is to adopt a pay system that pays deeper so more than the top 3 get money back.

More the better. Should be at ignite tonight after I finish eating at urban belly.


Fuck that, $50 entry fee per game, or I won’t show.

I agree completely, we just shouldn’t be running tournament events locally all hitting on the same week in my opinion. Cycling between venues week to week is what I’d like. Personally due to my work schedule and basically same travel distance between venues, I have to prioritize my nights out. which blows.

Not to be a downer but who would honestly play seriously for a 1$ tourney? Run ironman all day if that was the case.