Chicago 3rd Strike... New bloods?


So… I’ve tossed the idea around and have yet to make any headway with it but there are interested parties but I guess it’s just a community wide commitment that needs to take place.
Are their players in Chicago and the Chicago area that would be interested in playing in a 3rd Strike league a la Japanese style?
I ask because I’m not a fan of waiting around for tournaments that probably won’t even host it and would rather play with regulars than pray enough people show up for a tournament.
Anyway, if you’re interested, let me and the rest of those in the closet about their love for 3S (you new players too… I know there are some of you out there) let’s try to get something started… At the rate things are going, SF will become the new COD… I went there.



That sounds like a great idea, just not sure how many people still play 3s in Chicago. Anyways im down for that…hit me up if you get something setup.


Making a list of people to get into contact w/… Will probably ask for e-mails or numbers and try to arrange some kind of communal thing…


Where are you trying to play at? Cause I love 3s I just got nobody to play it with. I wanna level up my game too. Starting a scene will be dope if it pans out.


Location/venue, I believe, should be a community thing… It’s really hard to develop anything when you don’t know a lot of people here. I just moved here see but since I don’t think anybody else wants to try and mention it, I will.
But anyway, location should be decided in concert by democracy.


One place I can think of is maybe GGA…only thing is im not sure how many people go there on Thursdays or whatever day they have that extra room open. I only checked it out once and it was packed when I saw it.


soo…I take it no one else wants in on this hot fire?


Going to go to GGA this week and probably ask around.


Most of the original chicago 3s scene doesnt even post much on SRK anymore.


I agree… it’s time… snicker for the 3rd strike players giggle to come out… of the closet


You guys are like 10 years late? The game is sitting 6 feet under these days across the nation, sure people will play it at gatherings but what would be the point where its not being played competitive anymore…we do have a Facebook group as well guys and it would have been better to just post this in THE CHICAGO SRK thread. There will always be someone to play it with if you want to really go back to old games, i dont see the point but its just my opinion. The Facebook group is active and we do have lots of events that are updated weekly and posted weekly on the group. Sitting at almost 500 members so it might help what you are trying to do but just remember its a dead game…would be hard to get that going anywhere. Ohh and we were never in the closet, you just happen to get out of yours 10 years late :). If you want to get games in id recommend the FB group which is the most active.


I wouldn’t say its completely dead and being late if people are still playing it. Sure people aren’t playing it competitively but the way araider wanted to set it up was something like this This guy who goes by the name of Nica K.O. decided to do the same thing and gather people in his community who plays 3s and now he has tournys setup biweekly. I for one think this is awesome especially since at the time 3s was popular I was very young and never had the chance to play with a group of people or go to a tournament for this game. I do agree with the facebook thing though, I dont know how many people we’d find on the srk forums


And bump goes the dynamite

3S was also popular back when I was 13 and in Europe. Didn’t get into fighting games until I got better at and started enjoying Tekken. I remember my cousin kicking my ass at 3S wwwwaaaaaay back in the day and whenever I started playing it again, the game became an entirely new venture for me.
I’m sure there new guys willing to take the torch since the old folks have decided to move on but there’s a lot of us who love the craft that 3S is. If Tokyo can do it why can’t Chicago? Are we, as Americans, that bent on being whores for every new game under the sun or can we be complacent with a game we truly love?
Uh oh… Just got out of microecon class… ‘Bout to have a nigga talkin’ about indifference curves and utility functions and shit.
Anyway, I made a Facebook group for those who are interested. If you don’t have FB… Well, get one just for this.
AND if NYC can do it, I’m sure Chicago do it… Don’t let me down you people.

I was 11 when 3S dropped, overseas, and more interested in euros and FLCL at the time. It’s not my fault that my interest in the game piqued just 2 years ago.
I’m also just frustrated at the lack of overall participation there was where I came from. See, between 2004 (when I returned to the US) and 2009, there was nothing that really got me into fighting games… Then my gf challenged me to Soul Calibur 2 (a game I cherish) AND BEAT ME… Then, I started meeting people and went to my first tourney at a small card-shop called Lucky’s in Greensboro, NC. There, I proceeded to get rocked in Tekken and played a little 3S. Then, I played it more… Then, I stopped doing cracked and starting playing 3rd Strike (jk).
But seriously, I’m not a fan of the current model of waiting for the monthly tourney to roll around. I’d prefer to have a weekly, bi-weekly, event that has more than just casual merit. A league like this is more than just casuals with a name. The way I see it, this is like an old man’s basketball league. We’re not trying to do anything huge but I’m always open to the idea.
Also, I can’t get into recent games all to well. I play Soul Cal V, wanna get into KOF more, and Tekken but 3S is fun and I think has the potential to have one of the most dedicated fanbases around and is my favorite game… So why would I cave in to someone elses interests when mine are right here?
I don’t really care if this fails, I just have enough conviction to ask because I know no one’s going to do it for me…

Damn… That’s the longest post I’ve ever typed on SRK… Damn you internet… DAMN YOU.


killed it nigga, couldnt have said it any better


Join the group!
There’s also a website that I’m working on but… That’s a ways away.


I’m new, but I’m so down with this!


Join the group. I’m holding a meeting to establish rules and layout the foundation for the future of the league sometime next week.


Oh cool. Thanks man.


To anyone still interested:
I’ll be hosting a meeting @ GGA this Thursday to meet up with some of the people who play 3S still and will be trying to organize things for the start-up of this league in the near future.


I’d be up for this. I’m new but played enough to settle on a character - Dudley.