Chicago 4 Ultimate in Midwest Arena Results & Shoutouts Thread


Here is a thread.

Top placers for all games

Persona 4 Arena
45 entrants

  1. HeartNana (Chie)
  2. Heroic Legacy (Akihiko, Kanji)
  3. Snoffles (Mitsuru)
  4. Duckator (Labrys)
  5. Chosen Ninja (Yukiko)
  6. Brightside (Yukiko)
  7. ShinSyn
  8. Dark Obliske

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v. 2012
37 entrants

  1. Spriggan (Adon, Akuma, Evil Ryu)
  2. Scrimps (Chun-Li)
  3. Mean Saltine (Zangief)
  4. PxG|iRedman (Guy)
  5. Killacam (Cammy)
  6. Royal Phlush (Evil Ryu)
  7. IFD|Big Marcus (M. Bison)
  8. BP Amoco (Zangief)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
42 entrants

  1. Blue|Sanchaz (Zero/Dan/Sen, Wes/Sen/Phx)
  2. 765 Pro|Danke (Spen/IM/Doom)
  3. HxC|Plain Rell (Hag/Dead/Task, Hag/Dan/Dead)
  4. Snoffles (Ver/Ammy/Wes)
  5. Brightside (Spi/Dorm/Doom, Spi/Dorm/Wes)
  6. TFA.RZR|Frankie G (Ver/Mag/Wes)
  7. IFD|Humbag (Spe/Mag/Doom)
  8. IFD|Big Marcus (X/X/Skr)

King of Fighters XIII
18 entrants

  1. James Jr. (King/Kim/Mr. Karate, Duo Lon/King/Kim)
  2. NCV (Terry/Vice/Benimaru, Yuri/Kyo/Benimaru)
  3. AGE|Mario E (Kyo/Terry/EX Iori, Duo Lon/Clark/EX Iori)
  4. King of Bums (Kyo/Chin/Kim, Kyo/Hwa/Kim)
  5. IFD|Humbag (Mr. Karate/EX Kyo/Raiden)
  6. Suiname (EX Kyo/Hwa/Benimaru)
  7. 765 Pro|Danke (Benimaru/Hwa/Daimon)
  8. Duckator (EX Iori/Kula/Takuma)

Soul Calibur V
19 entrants

  1. LostProvidence (Viola)
  2. Duxter|Hawkeye (Natsu)
  3. HeartNana (Natsu)
  4. jimmypikachuchoi (Leixia)
  5. ARU
  6. Afterburn
  7. Chosen Ninja
  8. Ora

Mortal Kombat
12 entrants

  1. GGA|Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
  2. GGA|Wafflez (Smoke)
  3. EMP|Tom Brady (Kung Lao, Sub Zero)
  4. GGA|16 Bit (Kitana)
  5. GGA|Medina
  6. Chaosphere

9 entrants

  1. Duckator
  2. Jerry Seinfeld
  3. NCV
  4. G4B|Alyx McStrife

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
8 entrants

  1. Killa Ken (Pai)
  2. Scrimps (Pai)
  3. Heroic Legacy (Taka-Arashi)
  4. Yanu

[Side Tournament] Arcana Heart 3
9 entrants

  1. HeartNana
  2. Beats
  3. EmptyShiki
  4. Orka

[Side Tournament] Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
6 entrants (Round Robin)

  1. Nives (Sol)
  2. MSong
  3. Meta
  4. Bob Washington (Potemkin)

[Side Tournament] Divekick
32 entrants

  1. Blue|Kerahime~<3 (Dive)
  2. Heroic Legacy (Kung Pao)
  3. Blue|Sanchaz (Kick, Dive)
  4. IFD|Big Marcus (Mr. N)
  5. King of Bums (Wolverine)
  6. Ronaldo (Wolverine)
  7. IPG|J-Money (Mr. N)
  8. Ravener (Dive)

[Side Tournament] UMvC3 2v2 Teams
9 teams

  1. Team 420 765Pro Ganga Bishounens XXX Weed (Danke & Snoffles)
  2. Team Troll (IFD|Humbag & IFD|Big Marcus)
  3. Team WLA (TFA.RZR|Frankie G & WLA|Guyver)

[Side Tournament] KoFXIII 3v3 Single Character Teams
4 teams

  1. Team Mexico (AGE|Mario E, TFA.RZR|Frankie G, Luis 312)
  2. Team Ignite/Dream Cancel (HTH|Bzerk, NCV, James Jr.)
  3. Team GGA/SRK (Danke, King of Bums, Heroic Legacy)
  4. Team Midwest (Duckator, SoufSide, Suiname)

Full results will follow in a comment below.

If I forgot your character or characters, or got them wrong, then please let me know and I will gladly correct it.

Shoutouts will go here at some point when I can remember everyone’s name.


Shoutouts to Marcus winning with pure anger on his face, true Chicagoan right there.


Chicago confirmed for frog tier


Shoutouts to everyone who took the time and effort to put this event together, run brackets, and make sure that everything went smoothly.


I stream monstered it up. Asuka 120% Special was amazing. Losers finals of KOF was pretty hype, too. Loved it.


Thanks for filling a 32 man Divekick bracket. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Results (from memory, correct if wrong)
1st - Kerahime (Dive)
2nd - Heroic Legacy (Kung Pao)
3rd - Sanchaz (Kick, Dive)
4th - Big Marcus (Mr N)
5th - J Money (Mr N)
5th - King of Bums (Wolverine)
7th - Ravener (Dive)
7th - Ronaldo (Wolverine)


Wow, didn’t realize Hero was playing Kung


Thanks to all the main organizers and streamers, and everybody else that contributed to the event! It was awesome.

GG to everybody I played in all games. Still total ass at P4U.

Great job to all the winners, and it was nice to see strong Chicago representation among top placers for all games.

Thanks to CurlyW, Callisto and Medina for allowing us to play some AH3 and Asuka 120% on the stream, lol.


GG’s to everyone I played and talked with yesterday:

Shoutouts to everyone that came out the the event.
Shoutouts to everyone who played P4U giving us more numbers than SSFIV:AE2012 (Who would have thought?).
Shoutouts to HeartNana and Heroic_Legacy placing top 2 in P4U.
Shoutouts to getting blown up by DP’s on stream.
Shoutouts to the commentators.
Shoutouts to the Mitsuru/Yukiko Waifu armies that showed up.
Shoutouts to Shoutouts.


GS to organization wizards, bracket wranglers, and violent video game tournament philanthropists!

GGs to everyone who played video games with me!

You are all precious gems!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ︵ :heart: ︵ ლ(◕‿◕ლ )


GGs and thanks for putting up with my tired and super cranky ass yesterday everyone. Max has top 8 of SF4 but I have the rest of it on my laptop.

KOF XIII Top 6? I dont remember 7th places.

  1. James Jr.
  2. NCV
  3. Mario E.
  4. King of Bums
  5. IFD Humbag
  6. Suiname


What did you think I play fraudulent ass characters that require no skill? I use the hardest to play character in the game AND beat my fellow gauntlet owner SANCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZ.

Umm, idgaf about shoutouts I see everyone here every week anyway.

Shoutouts to all the great staff (I already said this but it deserves restating.)

Shoutouts to Rob for running probably the fastest run chicago tournament this year.


UMvC3 Results (Top 8):

  1. Sanchaz
  2. 765Pro | Danke
  3. XHC Plainrell
  4. Snoffles
  5. PM/TFA/RZR Frankie G
  6. Brightside
  7. IFD Humbag
  8. Big Marcus

UMvC3 2v2 Teams (Side Tournament - Top 3):

  1. Team 420 765Pro Ganga Bishounens XXX Weed
  2. Team Troll
  3. Team WLA

Ditto to what Humbag said - thank you for putting up with some of the more loopy points of the tournament. It was a whirlwind for packing it all in one day. Glad to see the turnout.


Shoutouts to T.O. directors that ran things on time. I was very happy on how smooth tournaments ran. Good shit.

Shoutout to Chicago peeps for being awesome.

It was worth staying a bit longer, even though I was dead tired at the end of the tournament. I hope everyone slept until 2pm.

My biggest shout out goes to blue team.

Blue team > IFD. Yeah, I said it.


Team 3v3 KOFXIII results: 4 teams

  1. Team Mexico (AGE|Mario E, Luis 312, Frankie G)
  2. Team Ignite/Dream Cancel (HTH|Bzerk, NCV, James Jr.)
  3. Team GGA/SRK (Danke, King of Bums, Heroic Legacy)
  4. Team Midwest (Suiname, SoufSide, Duckator)

Fucking fuckin hype.

I think Duckator got 7th, and maybe Bzerk got 7th too. I’m not sure on that one.


Clark was told not to show up at the tournament, that he was unwanted. His muscles were too big and made him clunky and couldn’t move to fight well.



This was my first tournament ever, and I had a blast despite not really interacting with anyone.

Shoutouts to:

…the organizers who made the whole experience as easy and smooth as possible. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about poorly-run tournaments, but this definitely was not one of them.

…HeartNana, who was an honor to play (as my second tournament match ever) and misspelling my tag as “Dolphin Butt” but keeping like that. :slight_smile:

…Tuboware, for chanting “Kanji! Kanji!” during the P4A grand finals. It didn’t work out, but I love seeing a low-tier hero come out even when the chips are down.

…Keits, for setting up Divekick. I wanted to attend UFGT8 just to play it, but things didn’t pan out like I wanted to for that weekend; it’s an amazing game, and I can’t wait for the full release.

…DarkObelisk, who eliminated me in the P4A tournament. Made sure to watch his matches afterward and asked, “You got 'im?” after some key, marquee matches. Put a smile on my face when he gave me the thumbs up and confirmed the kill. :slight_smile:

…the Tetris machine in the arcade’s free play section. I prefer Tetris games with T-Spins and holds, but it was a nice way to pass the time.

Hopefully I’ll work up the courage to actually talk to people next time.


I had fun. Thanks for letting me commentate practically all day. Hope everyone else enjoyed the event.


I loved the fact Chicago came out and definitely represented today.


top 8 AE?