Chicago 5/22 bi weekly results



2nd:Kris "dr. killpatient"walls
3rd:Juicy G

ari wins one game winner final against George.Kris wins loser final against George,Ari beats Kris 2-0 in final


1st:Juicy G-Sol
2nd:Mike "elven shadow"Bozcar-Faust

musical chairs for top spot in ggxx continues as george retakes the seat.he beats mike 3-1 in winner final.Then Bozac beats Ari in loser final 3-0 then loses to George in final 4-2.


2nd:Juicy G-yun
3rd:Tony Defily-Necro

Tony puts ari in loser bracket,George then beats Tony in winner final 3-1,ari beats Tony in loser final 3-1.then beats George in final 4-0,4-1.


2nd:juicy G-team mike ross,msp

marc wins winner final 3-2 over george,George beats ari in loser final 3-1,then gets swept in final to marc

Super smash melee

1st:Kris"dr killpatient" walls-Dr. mario
3rd:Shawn “al queda”-Falcon

Longtime rivals Boo and kris squared off in the final where kris wins in a really close match


1st:Tony D-Fei long/zangief
2nd:kris walls-OG ken

Tony wins winner final against kris 3-2,Kris beats ari in loser final 3-2,then loses to tony 4-2,2-4.

gg and bi weeklies will now be weeklies for the next few weeks.until mwc that is.Peace


damn team mike ross is cheap, shoulda tried it against me G. but then maybe i woulda had to bust out the new team chicago innovated by jim. i’ve gotten that new cable glitch to come out again, i’m closing down on why it occurs. :evil:

Rashad if you see this, let’s go to ecc!!!


Good times and good games to all. I look forward to the next one. :slight_smile:


yeah and thanks for the brackets mike:)


Any chance Alpha 2 can be added next time if there is enough interest?

It’s the only fighting game I’m good at. :frowning:


Good games to everyone this weekend. As for Alpha 2, that’d kick ass and all, but it isn’t part of MWC, so I doubt it’ll get added now. I’d offer to run it, but with the switch to weeklies, I can’t promise I’ll be up every week to do so…

George, since no one has posted this yet I gotta say going with 1st and 2nd in SSBM is a bad idea. All you have to do to advance then is run. 1st and KO’s promotes agressiveness, 2nd just promotes cowardice.



That’s cool.

These bi-weeklys go on all year right?

That’s plenty of time.