Chicago Bi weekly results 7/17/04 MVC2

12 players

2nd:George"needs a comb pick now"Fed:Rowtron,Doom/storm/cyke
3rd:Tony"Run the fuck away"kao-santhrax
4th:Ari"please don’t kill me Tony D"weintraub-msp
5th:Sergio"I hate mss even though it’s possibly my best team"valadez:Santhrax
5th: Douglas"I’m Feeling fantasticly well,how about you dear sir"ward:scrub/santhax

George is upset by tony in 2nd round,Floe nearly beats marc again in 2nd round but failed to get his hail storm off against sentinel with pixels.marc then wins winner final against tony 3-1.
Georges comes from losers to beat sergio,ari,and tony to advance,George wins 1st set 4-3,Jumps out to 3-0 lead in 2nd then finally runs out of steam as marc takes 4 in a row.HOLLA

omg best tourney ever. Finals were soooooo close. Mad skillz.

And Xmen vs Street Fighter is THE BEST game there.:lol: Storm is broke in any game she’s in!

gamba still ain’t hotter than chazou

good games everybody and thanks for everyone who showed up to keep the chicago scene alive. at least the mvc2 crowd, it’s boring just playing that one game. oh and i saw an effort by bozac and dennis for ggxx…

thx to G for runnin the tourney and helpin us practice for evo.