Chicago Bi weekly results 9/19/03



2nd: Domingo "Nigga D"ayala:Urien/Makoto
3rd:George "Juicy G"Fed:Ken

Ari beats George 3-1 in winners Final,Domingo Beats George 3-2 in Loser Final then loses to ari 4-1(?! can someone confirm?!)in Final


1st:Juicy G-msp,Sent/storm/capcom
2nd:Floe-Msp,team Row,Spiral/cable/sent
3rd:Sergio "player Unkown"valadez-Team scrub,Mag/storm/sent

George beats Sergio(who beat derek 2nd round)3-1 in winners final,Ari beats sergio in loser final 3-1,then loses to george 3-0 in final


1st:Norm “footsy Bebop”-Blanka
3rd:???(I think eddie)

Norm beats Floe 4-3 in final,I need more info since i barely paid attention :o


1st:Juicy G-Sol

George beats bozac 3-1 in winners Final,then bozac beats lex in loser final 3-1 then loses to George in final 4-1.Thanks to who all came out and good games.Peace


Ahhh, good times last night. Got 5th in MvC2, and went 2 and out in everthing else :p.

Good games to all.

  • Mike

P.S. Good seeing you guys again, and meeting some new ones. Hopefully it won’t be another 4 or so months until I see you all again.