chicago comp?

i’m in chicago now for a good while on business and i’m looking for competition and meeting new friends. i play 3s mostly but i play everything 2d wise. anyone near or around wanna get up some games lemme know. i’m staying at the holiday inn, 860 w erving park rd Itasca IL 60143. the only vehicle i have is a '24 truck. lol, i can’t drive that around it’s for business. i can give gas money though.

edit: i don’t have my arcade stick or negames w/me.

i’m off all day this saturday and sunday if anyone wants to get up for some games. lemme know the time and place… if it’s not more than 30 minutes away i can find my own transportation.

hey i live in the 60629 area if u wanna game anytime in the weekend just let me know!

word i might be going to NC tomorrow… dunno yet but so far it looks like it.

Do not go to Nickels. Mostly everyone went to a tournament at Urbana-Champaign. Also, we have a Chicago thread to post for matchmaking.