Chicago "Farewell" 4/29 AH, GNT4, SSBB, MI2 results

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Arcana Heart (8 people)

  1. Rob “HeartNana” (Maori - Dieu Mort)
  2. Andy “Capps_Indigo” (Heart - Bhanri)
  3. Lloyd “Necrosis” (Konoha - Gier, Fiona - Time)
  4. Anthony “dignity” (Maori - Dieu Mort)

GNT4 (10 people)

  1. Tom “Dark_Sasuke” (Temari)
  2. Ted “Kokain” (OTK, Kimi, Itachi)
  3. Rob “HeartNana” (Hinata)
  4. Anthony “dignity” (OTK)

EX2 (9 People)

  1. Rob “HeartNana” (Hinata)
  2. Ted “Kokain” (Gaara)
  3. Lloyd “Necrosis” (Tsunade)
  4. Anthony “dignity” (Gaara)

Smash Bros Brawl (11 people)

  1. Rob “HeartNana” (Sheik)
  2. Ted “Kokain” (Pit, Snake, Wolf)
  3. Anthony “dignity” (Metaknight)
  4. Mike “Dark Kakashi” (Pikachu)

Kof Maximum Impact 2 tourney - single elim (8 people)

  1. Rob “HeartNana” (Chae Lim, Lili, Yuri/Athena, Chae Lim, Yuri)
  2. Ted “kokain” (Maxima, Iori, Terry/Mai, Iori, Terry)
  3. (tie) Lloyd “Necrosis” (Maxima, Athena Alba)
  4. (tie) Stuart “Dr Shank” (Maxima, Iori, K-)

Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition/KOF XI tourney:
This tourney was single elim one match. We had to fill up 16 people on the bracket. The two players played either Street Fighter 2, or KOF XI for their tourney match, and if they couldnt agree, RPS would be used to decide. Since we needed to fill up more spots, and i didn’t want to give byes, i had people in the tourney in 2 spots. I also had the arcade mode Street Fighter computer as an opponent for a couple of people until it got eliminated. Results:

  1. Ted “Kokain” (Bison)
  2. Ted “Kokain” (Blanka)
  3. Lloyd “Necrosis” (Blownoff button)
  4. Brian “Shikago” (StrongBadFist)

The 3rd places would normally be ties, but they wanted to have a tiebreaker in KOFXI, so i made it with the stipulation that they could only have one button. Lloyd picked the Blown off button, and Brian picked the Strong Punch button. It was a close time out match, and Lloyd barely squeezed out the victory to ensure his final third place position.

GNT4 Combo Horse tourney:
We ran a tourney after getting the idea from horse. We would have two players against eachother. They would each pick a character, say the combo they’re gonna do, then do it. The other player would have to do that combo successfully. If they didn’t, they got a letter. Since HORSE takes too long, we made it QQ (2 strikes) for all the matches but the final, which was GGPO (4 strikes).

  1. Tom “Dark Sasuke” (Temari, Neji)
  2. Ted “Kokain” (OTK)
  3. (tie) Rob “HeartNana” (Hinata, Tenten)
  4. (tie) Mike “Dark_Kakashi” (Kimi)

Dark Sasuke is uber gay for going “12 j.b’s” and then hitting 12 j.b’s and doing this like, 4 times in a row in finals.

Overall, despite mine and Andy’s stick frying thanks to the tv and ps2, it was a lotta fun. This was an awesome tourney, glad the people who were able to make it came!

wow, rob… you placed in every single tourney except one and ended up winning more than half of them.

stop cheating. :rofl:

maori poison loop ftw. :tup:

i would have loved to go if i wasn’t out of town.

EDIT: your sticks got “fried”?? that sucks. D:

Good shit Rob & Andy! :tup: Sounded like a super fun tourney. Looks like I missed out. :tup:

Sucks to hear about your sticks. :tdown: