Chicago ford city cvs2 and mvc2 results:10/12 and 10/13


CvS2 results:

1st:George"Juicy G"fed:K-groove blanka/sagat/cammy/rolento
2nd:eduardo"low jump vega":K-groove vega/yama/blanka
3rd:Roberto"I only know button at a time":K-groove blanka/yama/sagat
4th:sergio"player unknown"valadez:N-groove honda/blanka/sagat
5th:jose"trance adict":K-groove,mai/vega/blanka
5th:Villa:C-groove :kim/yama/ryo

comments:nuthing to say really,I just hate this game and wished everyone will take all cvs2 machines and throw it in a bonfire or something(ala nazi germany)umm lets see george beats eduardo in winner final 3-2 eduardo beats roberto in loser final 3-2 and george beats eduardo in final 4-1(tho george had to starve off a distraction by a chick playing air hockey who just looked yummy:eek: )what else…oh yeah Fc ppl have totally X-copied George’s K-groove style(as you see by the results)so george had a difficult time beating his own crap.

Mvc2 results:

1st:George"Juicy G"fed:msp,storm/sent/cable,Cable/doom/cammy
2nd:Joel"strider klown"meza:cable/doom/cammy,mag/cable/clops,msp
3rd:sergio"player unknown"valadez:mag/cable/sent
5thWill"nellylookalike":team scrub
5th:Jose"evil magzimize"martinez:mag/cable/psy

comments:nuthing here either…oh wait,ummm first MAD PROPS to jose and his friend who came to our tourney from all the way from Wi(you guys have more heart than say 3/4ths of all chicago players).derek need someone to preform a heimlech manuever on him because he choked so bad against joel(again).George defeated joel 3-0 in winner final(in maybe the most sloppied msp play i’ve seen a LONG time:bluu: )joel then defeated sergio 3-0 in loser final.and george defeated joel 4-2 in final.


Damn!! I still can’t beat George :frowning:


O don’t ya know?! K.O.C., he run it.


DAMN is anyone in the Chicagoland area that beat George. .
jeez. .this is gettin down right ridiculous


NO doubt. I suck…so does Team Row. Fuck Mag.


Fuck ya’ll CvS2 is a good game and very fun.

And Magneto rules… and George wins cuz he is a cheap black dude… I am sorry but when it comes down to it… cheap black dudes run everything… Jordan and Shaq come to mind.

You wanna win… you can’t just be cheap… you gotta be black too.


juice man

hey why do you still trash talk cvs 2 ?? besides the fact you say it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s about time you’ve seen the light.that team is the most overrated one out there.

neither one of you ever played someone who abuses roll cancel,when that happens you don’t have to be better than the other player to win,just roll cancel(think tokidovs.ohnuki).but that’s the biggest reason other reasons include creative teams like
"hmmm I want to make a good team at least one to where i can be competive with"

6 hours later:

“I Got it,blanka/ sagat/and *insert favorite character here”

cvs2 is :lame:


juice man

well you got a point there ,but think about it when you play against eduardo and he seems to be giving yyou some trouble lately,anyways dont tell me then you dont have fun??


Trouble would be something like last character vs. last character, not Rolento vs. his whole team. Think about it.


nuts in mouth disease anyone? :rolleyes:


I love you Floe! :lol:


Are you eleven or somethin’?? Grow up man…sad…


marc… i am sorry :frowning:

ok so my definition was retarded.


god what is WRONG with you people? I understand people have their own tastes and opinions in games but you can’t tell me you actually enjoy picking the same stupid ass lame ass characters over and over. As george said, Blanka Sagat or Cammy INSERT FAVORITE FAG. Just watching everyone whore the game on sunday really made me even more sick to my stomach then i already was(thus i didn’t even bother with p groove) And i know some of you fools get together during the week and practice using those same stupid ass characters.

:lame: :lame: :lame: :lame: :lame: :lame: :lame: :lame: :lame: :lol:


how is that different than mvc2?

I don’t get why u are hating on sagat, blanka, cammy… then playing sent, cable, storm in mvc2. hell 9/10 of mvc2 teams are sent/storm/XXX or sent/cable/XXX. And people practice those chars all the time.

As u said… its all preference.