Chicago GGXX,mvc2,3s,cvs2 results(Juicy g's revenge)



1st place:
Harold “kageh” Hess: (eddie)

2nd place:
George "Juicy G"Fed(sol,bridget)

3rd place:
Ari "Floe"weintraub(Sol,anji)

a few,other than harry absolutely owning everyone with his eddie.upsets include George beating ari TWICE(sol vs. sol)2-1 in semis,then 3-2 in loser finals,(clashing vipers are too good).


1st place:
Juicy G:team row,mag/sent/capcom

2nd place:

3rd place:

same ol same ol,george got revenge on marc,beating him 3-0 in winners final,then 4-3 in final,then marc beats derek 3-1 in loser final then loses to george again in final 4-3.


tony defily(necro,ken,)

floe(chun li)

3rd: Domingo"nigga D"(urien,alex)

highlights:very few other tony just tearing everone a new one,he got the monkey off his back(me),and seeming played totally inspired sf.owning everyone after that.beating ari 3-0 in winner final then beating him again 4-1 in final


1st place:
juicy G: K-ryu/blanka/sagat

2nd:eduardo K-vega/yama/blanka

3rd:floe K-CBS,A-chang/chun/hibiki

highlights: our favorite fob jack showed and placed 5th in both mvc2 and cvs2.floe greatly improved in cvs2 and nearly beat george in winner final(score 3-2 and this was after floe was down 2-0).ari then loses to Ed in loser final 3-2.then george got his revenge on Ed for a earlier tournament loss(back in Dec)by sweeping him 4-0.


Good shit G…you really showed both me and ari. A loss was what I was begging for, and now it’s time for me to move on from marvel and play a lot more GGXX - especially, if I want to become competitive at it. I feel so behind already… :frowning:


Hey Marc, no more spiral? What’s up with that? :eek:


Yeah too bad I haven’t been playing games lately but yeah ill be ready next tourney. Good shit everyone and thanks for coming out. Next tourney Ill have pizzas for everyone on me. Its great to see dedicated players around still. Peace.



1.) Sorry I couldn’t make it guys, let’s jus’ say shit happens.

2.) You’re all lucky I couldn’t go :evil:. :lol: Jus’ kiddin’ :wink: :cool: :eek:.

3.) Congrats to all finishers (I’m still givin’ the 3S and MvC2 1st placers vids, that means George and Tony).

  • Mike


:lol: Funny Avatar. Good shit for that eddie player. I only heard that he was unstoppable… You guys have vids?

Chaotic Blue


i used ken necro and oro no chun li. If da fob got 5th in cvs2 does that mean i got 4rth? How did eric do after he took my spot? he most have blown it


you tied with fob


No vids, sucks too case there were some really good matches. Oh wells.


hey i also used hugo/ken/yang! =X


Good games, peeps. Nice seeing everyone again.


She’ll be back…she’s not as effective against the locals.


Throw another tourney ho-mingo! I actually want to able to participate this time. hopes his job does not get in the way

Goood shit to everyone!


congrats to G


*Holy shit, man… your Eddie is still unstoppable! I got to play you for a shortwhile before the GGXX finals, but you were only playing your Testament(which is also very good, by the way). I wanted a try at your Eddie though, even though I know for sure I was going to get my ass whipped. :lol:

Haha, Juicy! You lucky son of a gun… That’s twice you got lucky on FloE… you didn’t “beat” me in this tournament though, so in a way, your revenge isn’t complete. :smiley: Just kidding, man. Nevertheless, great job, it’s awesome that you’ve had HUGE improvement in your game in such short notice. Just remember: After a command throw, use s.FS only, instead of s.K,s.FS, to set up your loops. :slight_smile:

Bleh…lost to Eric on my first match…I’d admit I got nervous for some odd reason, and I was also fucking up my stuff(especially a botched loop combo that could’ve tied the series) …good games though, Eric. :lol:

FloE’s Sol was awesome too… I wish I could FRC Sol’s gunflame that well, then my Sol game would be complete, to complement my Loop combo setups. Perhaps in time, I’ll get better.

Props to my friend Aric(the Slayer player) who actually placed 4th! He did a decent job using his Dizzy on Harry’s Eddie, but Eddie still proved too much of a threat…

It’s such a shame that the top 3 GGXX UIC players(Mike “ElvenShadow”, Lex “ShinGouki09” and Allen “BlueBluR3237”) couldn’t make it for this one, they had priorities to take care of. :frowning:

Overall, I had lots of fun. Casual GGXX matches after the tourney were nice(especially against Jim’s “forward+P that shit” Johnny and Eric’s May :lol: ). Lots of Super Turbo matches with a bunch of random peeps, Mike (who came late because of a “fun” fieldtrip), Domingo, and Jim. Got my ass whipped by nearly everyone in CvS2, got 0wned in 3S by Domingo, and managed to win ONE game against Eric in CvS2, lol.

We’re planning on holding another gathering at UIC…with a GGXX tournament AND possibly, a Soul Calibur 2 tournament. It’ll probably be 2 weeks from now, so I hope all of you would come. :D*


u should have it on a sunday… i know more sc2 people will be able to go since there are weekly sc2 tournys already on sat =/