Chicago ggxx,mvc2,a3,st,3s results from 10/04/03



1st:George"I’ll take it"fed-Mag/storm/sent-a,Storm/Sent/cyke
2nd: Derek"RANCH DRESSING"Douglas-Mag/storm/sent

George wins fairly easily.Beating Derek 3-0 in winner final.Tony beats Ari,Derek beats tony then loses to George in final.


1st:George "I like counter hit VV"Fed:Sol
2nd:Mike "why is every Faust button a anti air?!!"Bozcar:Faust,testament
3rd:Ari"Even tho anji fights with butterflies and has a homo voice I still like him"weintruab:Anji,Sol

George Wins winner final against bozac 3-0,then bozac beats ari in a very close series 3-2,then makes adjustments against George and performed much better.Taking the 1st set 4-3 before losing 2-4 in the final.

2nd:ernest"I was on the back of a milk carton"-vsak
3rd: Douglas "TURTLE POWA"ward-Aryu

ernest comes from litterly out of nowhere(I last saw on him unsovled mysteries for being abducted by aliens)to take 2nd with his vsak.but loses to ari even more whorish vsak 3-1 in final

2nd:George"Genei Jin=HOTT"fed:yun
3rd:eric"best execution EVER"collazo:urien/ken

funny tournament.ari doesn’t whore chun at all.until 2nd set of Final.He defeated George 3-2 in winner final with alex.George then defeated eric 3-1.then takes 1st set of final 4-1 then loses 2nd set 4-2.

1st:George"Tod=FUNNY"-Og sagat/og ken
2nd:ari"I GOT HITT"-Vega

George wins 3-2 in winners final.then takes final 4-3


>3rd:I have NO idea

Heheh that was me, I got 3rd in ST


whhhaa ???ok I edited it:p :stuck_out_tongue:


heyyyyy SOMEONE forced me to play her =P


Should say BEASTING Derek. Damn I got raped in winner’s final. Why must I suck so much…(sob).


I believe bozac also got 4th in a3! Hot damn, bozac is learning other games besides guilty!!:lol: :lol:


Bozac=soon to be all round player;)