Chicago GGXX, SCII UIC tournament results 4/13/03

Guilty Gear XX final results

1st place: Mike (ElvenShadow) Boczar - Faust
2nd place: Aric (ChronoSabre) Au - Slayer
3rd place: Clayton (Final Showdown) - Ky, Sol
4th place: Harry (Kageh) Hess - Eddie
5th place: (Tigerbang) - Chipp
5th place: Josh (seven) Thompson - Dizzy

Soul Calibur II final results:

1st: Harry (Kageh) Hess
1st: Ari (Floe) Weintrar
3rd: Rob (XCTV) Nagaro
4th: (Tigerbang)
5th: Clayton (Final Showdown)
5th: Dave (Wyzt) Muntean

Great tournament, I was glad to see such a huge turnout with a total of 19 participants in GGXX and 25 participants in SCII. It was really cool that some people came all the way from out of state and I am glad that most of the locals showed up. Unfortunately this will be the last tournament that UIC holds until next semester since finals are only a few weeks away and during the summer we no longer have access to the dorms. We will however, throw several tournaments next semester for sure.

A few comments…

Wow… crazy that Ari and Harry had to fight eachother not only in their first match in GGXX, but later on the losers bracket as well. Sorry it worked out that way guys, just the luck of the draw. Too bad you guys didnt actually fight your last match though, its a shame Ari decided to forfit. It would have also been cool to see you 2 guys fight in the finals for SCII rather than settling on a draw but hey… oh well…

Sorry it was so hot in there guys… UIC hasn’t turned on the air yet and the windows up in that lounge don’t open.

I apolagize if things seemed a tad slow but it just got a little hectic, though it all worked out well in the end and I hope everyone had a good time.

We video taped most of the GGXX matches so we should have some of them online soon perhaps.

Anyway… thanks to everyone for coming and I hope you guys all come back next semester when we do it again. Next time we will probably be a little more organized.

Good Games all. Though SC2 was mostly ignored, at least i got a little bit of prize money. Post the results on, too…

Good Times, some of that GGXX stuff was crazy…

Yea… sorry that SCII seemed a little ignored. It was always our original intention to have GGXX be the main event and have SCII be a side tournament but we actually ended up getting more people for SCII than GGXX which was pretty crazy. Oh well, I just hope you guys had fun anyway.

*WOW. What can I say. I had lots of fun during this tournament. Yep, even if I lost very early. :lol:

My favorite matches:

Kageh (Eddie) vs. FloE (Sol-Badguy): Even though these matches were somewhat controversial (with the whole “seeding” vs. “random matches” fiasco), I really enjoyed watching these two play. Especially since FloE plays Sol, I play Sol, Kageh uses Eddie, and I can never beat Eddie. :lol: Nice job, Ari, I still wanna mold my Sol with the same nearly-flawless form as your Sol’s.

Juicy-G (Sol-Badguy) vs. ElvenShadow (Faust): Hehe… from the match vids that we filmed, it looked like Mike BOZAC made LOTS of execution errors for his combos. I think George could’ve taken this one if he really made him pay for Mike’s mistakes. :smiley: Good matches, nevertheless.

Final Showdown (Ky Kiske, Sol-Badguy) vs. Tiger Bang (Chipp Zanuff): These two know each other very well, from what it seems, which forced Clayton to switch his awesome Ky to Sol. Very close matches, however, with Tiger Bang nailing the win!

Final Showdown (Ky Kiske) vs. Kageh (Eddie): Another awesome set of matches. I guess I know now why they consider Clayton’s Ky as the best Ky in the continental U.S., as his Ky took out Kageh’s seemingly unstoppable Eddie! Mad props, Clayton. :cool:

ChronoSabre (Slayer) vs. Final Showdown (Ky Kiske): Hehe, I was really kinda curious how far Clayton would make it, with his godly Ky Kiske. At the same time, I had to cheer for my boy Aric, repping Team UIC! :smiley: I liked watching these series…I guess if it wasn’t for Clayton using standing HS as anti-air for some odd reason, maybe he would’ve had a chance to even the score. That’s alright, Clayton, things happen, hehe.

and finally…

Ukyo Tachibana (Sol-Badguy) vs. Final Showdown (Ky Kiske): Wow, man. Those were some INTENSE matches! I really had fun playing you, even though if I had to lose very early in the prelims against you. You’re as good as everyone makes it out to be, and I was truly impressed. I must admit I’ve never seen(or heard about) your tactic of “FRC Stun Dipper into throw”, and I kept falling for it, lol. You also had other devilish tactics, like your sick 13 hit dust combo, and your overall pressure poke strings and mixups. I really hope to play you soon, like you said, maybe in a month or so?

Easily one of my favorite tourneys. And I got most of the matches on tape! I will be soon converting these to WMV format(if that’s okay with everyone), and then afterwards, I’ll be needing a server to host these vids on, if anyone wants to download them.

UIC will not be having another tourney any time soon, since Finals are coming up, and afterwards, it’s summer break, so we temporarily lose control of the 5th Floor Lounge. I would like to thank everyone who showed up today, and I hope everyone plays again at UIC…perhaps, next semester! :D*

lol thanks for the kind words. Im embarrsed on how i played though. Anyway had fun ect.

Hmm not quite sure its possible in a month. Depends since i go with SC2 guys if i would go so there no gaurente i could play XX but i would hope we could fit it in somewere.