Chicago HD Remix Tournament Full Results 1-24-09

  1. Syxx (Cammy, youtube Akuma)
  2. Roberto (Sagat)
  3. Jmoney (Balrog)
  4. Necrosis (Ken, Sagat, others)
  5. DanielRGT (Vega)
  6. Corey (Guile, FeiLong)
  7. Esoul
  8. Bombchivo
  9. SRX
  10. Delta
  11. King of Bums
  12. Big Sexy (DQ)
  13. MightyMar
  14. Nino
  15. Neil
  16. FrankieG
  17. Julian
  18. Slayer
  19. DigimonEmporer
  20. Rodney
  21. EmptyShiki
  22. Brandon
  23. Dark Kakashi (forfiet)

Thanks everyone for coming! We had a 23 person bracket. Sorry I wasn’t too prepared to run the bracket, I just came there to play just like everyone else. So I appretiate every one there who was ready to play there matches and all that. I was hoping for 3 setups but on 2 it wasn’t that bad. Nice meeting you guys and person and hope to see you guys at the Indy tourney or at the next Screenz tourney on the 28th. I’ll post the TvC results when I find out what they were.


Oh shit

I got 5th ._.

I was thinking this whole time I got like 9th or some shit.

Fuck yea.


ouch, Last place. not good, time to get some serious pratice in.

lol the two people i brought with me ended up placing higher than I did :frowning:


SYxx i had guile and Fei long

this is Corey


Syxx man, my bracket was too hard, and Roberto is a monster…

Nice meeting all you guys, im J-money


Sweet fucking avatar lol!!!

Gigaton punch!

Gigaton punch!

Where can I get some chow mein and some Gigaton Punch!?


gj to all the players. Sleep defeated me in 2 rounds before I can go lol.


Good shit man taking hd remix!! PSN strikes again!!!:smokin:


Yeaaah dude! Congrats, Syxx. :smile:


Congratulations, Syxx!!


Hey Syxx congrats on winning the tourney and thanks for letting me use your ps3 controller since i forgot to bring mine that day…


for a second i thought i posted

i’m LiL Negrito


Syxx, kudos on winning man! I was trying to watch your Cammy, trying to learn shit, steal yo moves lol. Maybe sometime you can enlighten me on the ways of the English Bubz.

Also, ggs to Slayer, Shiki, Necrosis (although your Ken tactics were a bit scrubby…still didn’t see that shit coming lol) and J-Money.



i hope u watched me play necrosis, text book how to beat that kind of ken player with cammy lol

lots of medium kicks to the face


It was funny watching his shenanigans not work, oh and Syxx… “FLUCK YO AKUMA” jump fireball crossup for days…

GG’s to everyone i played and to bombchivo for shit talk during my matchs