Chicago Heart 3 Results and Shoutouts Thread

Haha I am doing this while the tournament is still going on but I’ll go ahead and post up the SSF4AE results and MvC3 results. Rob will add the rest soon.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
64-man bracket

1 Wolfkrone
2 Big Marcus
3 Scrimps
4 BP amoco
5 TFA Octopus on Fire
5 Grouchy
7 PGFX Kiu
7 IFD Humbag
9 WLA Juggernaught
9 Saltymad
9 American Cyclone
9 Ben L
13 Sgt Toasty
13 Nick Pants
13 Jason Y
13 J-Money
17 Tactics
17 Kobashi
17 B Lit
17 Aki
17 Drew A
17 Saixhinata
17 Danke
17 Elvenshadow
25 HungryMan
25 Ladyboy-One
25 Ladyboy-Two
25 Rashad
25 Nolan
25 Joe Fernandez
25 The Guyver
33 Koose
33 TFA DeeDogg
33 Michael Tackett
33 Young Raida
33 Dan V
33 carefree
33 Footmeetskull
33 Frank
33 Andrew Suh
33 TFAholdie
33 TJL
33 Nick Vidmar
33 Ken Playuh
33 Ronaldo V
33 The Blackrose
49 Grant L.
49 Madwak
49 Nyfe
49 xSquatx
49 Callisto
49 Lifeless God
49 Joey D
49 Falconoclaf
49 Twin
49 Ben O
49 JSUN2k
49 Noski
49 Sam G
49 Young Tatsu
49 qqcent McFury
49 Zachina Box

Marvel vs Capcom 3
64-man bracket

1 Brightside
2 Squirrel Jobs
3 WLA Juggernaught
4 J-Money
5 Ronaldo V
5 Jerry Seinfeld
7 Mystic Bill
7 Frankie G
9 Kerahima~<3
9 Nives
9 EmptyShiki
9 David Acevedo
13 Danke
13 Flying_V
13 Armadirro Pirrow Pet
13 Tony K
17 Chronocide
17 Elvenshadow
17 The Guyver
17 David Costello
17 SonicSpear
17 Zachinabox
17 Rashad
17 IFD Humbag
25 BP amoco
25 carefree
25 Ted Swyers
25 lifelessgod
25 The Blackrose
25 Sgt Toasty
25 Killah J
25 Juggler
33 Killtz
33 B Lit

Mortal Kombat 9 results
35 entrants

  1. Slips (Scorpion)
  2. 16 bit (Kitana)
  3. Josh tha Funk Doc (Kano)
  4. Juju (Kung Lao)
    T-5. MOE (Kung Lao)
    T-5. Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
    T-7. TBK
    T-7. Treadmill (Reptile)

Full bracket can be found here:

GGXX results


  1. ElvenShadow (FA)
  2. Josh the funk doc (AB)
  3. Afrika (OR)

2 on 2 teams tournament

  1. ElvenShadow / Afrika
  2. M.Song / Chronosabre
  3. Nives / Ukyo Tachibana

Thanks to everyone for working with the card system! Hope yall had a good time.

Mortal Kombat 9 results
35 entrants

  1. Slips (Scorpion)
  2. 16 bit (Kitana)
  3. Josh tha Funk Doc (Kano)
  4. Juju (Kung Lao)
    T-5. MOE (Kung Lao)
    T-5. Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
    T-7. TBK
    T-7. Treadmill (Reptile)

Full bracket can be found here:

Hah, my name is still fucked up.

Great job with the bracket Humbag. Thanks for having us Chicago.

Couldnt have planned it better, ladyboy one and two placing in numerical order. HA

Haha. Just got home. Thanks Rob and Chris for putting on the event.

lol jerry seinfeld getting 5th. that’s fucking awesome

ggs kobayashi & rob

Thanks for everything guys! The turnout was great, and aside from the one power outage situation, the tourney ran pretty smoothly! Thanks to everyone for coming and showing your support! I had a great time, and it seems like a lot of the other participants had fun, too. I hope to maybe do an event like this again sometime!

Thanks especially to everyone who helped run tournaments and helped out with the event/reg table etc in general- Humbag, ElvenShadow, Orka, M.Song, Funked, Xiang, Syxx, Shardz. You guys were awesome and it couldn’t have went as smoothly as it went if you guys weren’t there! Thanks to everyone who brought a setup as well!

I hope you guys enjoyed the raffle, too! :smiley: I forgot to take pictures, but oh well. Either way, an awesome day! I’ll post complete results for AH3 and BB later after I get some sleep…
-HeartNana (aka SquirrelJobs)

GGXX results


  1. ElvenShadow (FA)
  2. Josh the funk doc (AB)
  3. Afrika (OR)

2 on 2 teams tournament

  1. ElvenShadow / Afrika
  2. M.Song / Chronosabre
  3. Nives / Ukyo Tachibana

good tournament. good people. good times.

Looking forward to the next tournament!

If it is all right to ask, how many people entered GG, and was anything recorded?

It is nice to see more good GG tournaments taking place, and I had no idea that Afrika still plays.


That’s what I want to know as well!

I hope everyone had a good time!


HeartNana for putting on an amazing event, doing so well in the tournaments, and donating so much to the raffle

Humbag for being a bracket stud (and dud, lol)

Orka, bearded dude in bacon strips shirt, Syxx, ShardZ, Elvenshadow, and PBJ Mixxa for running the brackets in the Mystery, SC2, T6, BBCS2, GGAC, and MBAA tournaments.

The mystery game tournament directors for being total anime game faggots

CurlyW for stepping up to do MK9 when Webster was late

Devildigimon for running MK9 and donating your SSF4AEPC to the raffle

The Audio-Visual One rep at Crowne Plaza for letting us use all those power strips and extension cords without charge

Everyone who brought equipment. It was because of you that we were able to conduct the event as efficiently as we did.

Power outages

Everyone who came in from out of state, thanks for making the trip to Chicago

Here are Tekken 6 and Melty Blood Actress Again results:

Tekken 6

  1. Mateo
  2. Tick
  3. Jimmy
  4. Sluch
  5. Sammy
  6. Mystic Bill
  7. Xiang
  8. Swift Demon
  9. Syxx
  10. Drunken Miller


  1. Heart Nana
  2. Meta
  3. John Fucking McCarthy
  4. ShardZ
  5. Empty Shiki
  6. PBJ Mixxa
  7. Tiggy
  8. Nyfe
  9. Greats
  10. Beno
  11. Dullyana
  12. Kobayashi
  13. Necrosis
  14. Chrono Sabre
  15. Orka
  16. Syxx
  17. Dooko
  18. Ken Playuh

Nice seeing a lot of the GGA / WCS crew in the top spots in SSF4:AE and Marvel 3. Good shit everyone on a great tournament!

15 entered singles
we had 6 teams
nothing was recorded

Great time at the tourney!! Thanks to HeartNana and Kobayashi for masterminding the event, and good looks to everybody that showed up. I would have liked to play more games with people, but I was occupied with helping run the event most of the time.

Thank you to everybody that entered the Mystery Game Tourney and special thanks to HeartNana and M.Song helping me out.

16 entrants

[INDENT=1]1. Josh the Funk Doc[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]2. Dullyana[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]3. Wolfkrone[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]4. Sonicspear[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]5. WTR1BE Drunken Miller[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]5. Kerahime~<3[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]7. Lloyd G.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]7. Greats[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]9. ShardZ[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]9. Konkrete[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]9. meta’[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]9. The Blackrose[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]13. Callisto[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]13. BP Amoko[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]13. Dooko[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]13. lurh E. Bean[/INDENT]

List of games
[]Phantom Breaker
]Slap Happy Rhythm Busters
[]Asuka 120% Burning Fest
]Killing Zone
[]Angel Eyes


Also, SC2 results?

There were 137 entrants total! Great turnout! Thanks to everyone for coming!

Ok, here’s the full list of results for AH3 and BBCS2!

AH3 (24 people)

  1. SquirrelJobs (Petra)
  2. Beatsofdevil (Maori)
  3. Greats (Nazuna/Dorothy)
  4. Tiggy (Dorothy/Angelia/Maori)
  5. M-song (Luck Arcana (Heart and Eko)
  6. Karapalm (Akane/Fiona)
  7. HangingMan (Weiss)
  8. Orka (Maori/Petra)
  9. Lurch-E-Bean (Eko)
  10. Konkrete (Elsa)
  11. DullyAnna (Lilica/Petra)
  12. Necrosis (Nazuna)
  13. Meta (Liese)
  14. J-money (Eko)
  15. EmptyShiki (Angelia)
  16. Kerahime (Weiss)
  17. Madwak (Catherine)
  18. Krispy Rice
  19. Havik (Fiona)
  20. PBJ Mixah (Elsa)
  21. Shardz (Elsa/Catherine)
  22. Mari (Lieselotte)
  23. PSC Bee (Weiss)
  24. Desor2

BBCS2 Results (13 people)

  1. SquirrelJobs (Squirrel)
  2. LunaKage (Noel)
  3. Leo (Ragna)
  4. Woocash (Litchi)
  5. Commander of Troy (Tager)
  6. Lloyd
  7. Dooko
  8. ChronoSabre
  9. Koi
  10. Kerahime
  11. LurchEBean
  12. Callisto
  13. Havik (Tager)

SC2 Results top 4:

  1. JimmyPikachuChoi (X)
  2. SquirrelJobs (Sophie/Talim)
  3. MysticBill (Taki/Ivy/X)
  4. KilltZ (Assassin)

I, honestly, thought I’d NEVER say this in my entire “fg life” (oxymoron, haha)


Anyways, really fun tourney… most fun I’ve had in the last 2 years. I came expecting the worst, now I feel every dollar spent was worth it (… well, not EVERY dollar, trip was pretty fucking expensive). Madd props to everyone that made that shit possible.

Also, MADD PROPS to all the melty heads at this event. Kobayashi for running it so perfectly, Heartnana for somehow stealing the win I FUCKING DESERVED, Shardz for being a counter-picking asshole… and everyone else for being so free (I’m too lazy and exhausted to mention all 18 heads… but I FUCKING LUV YOU ALL!).

Seriously, MBAA NEEDS to be a staple at ALL mw tournies with a turnout like this! MW MELTY BLOOD 4 LYFE!!!

Here are the results for SC2.

OMG, it was really great seeing all of my hot Soul Calibur Players. Thanks TMC for having this tourney, and thanks to Billy for running the tourney.

There were a lot of great and fun matches. DAMN that whore. I didn’t expect Team Madison to be mostly whores… sighs


  1. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Ivy)
  2. XCTU (Talim, Sophie)
  3. MysticBill (X, Taki, Asta, )
  4. Klitz (Ass)
  5. MateoGalvan (X, Mitsu)
  6. Funked aka xeroxeroxero aka Hot Billy (Taki, Ivy)
  7. Kokain (NM, Yoshi)
  8. Xiang (Asta)
  9. Elven Shadow (Raph, Maxi)
  10. Dr Tom (Talim)
  11. Shardz (Sophie)
  12. devildigimon (Ivy)
  13. Oollyana (Ass)
  14. Woocash
  15. Crazy Yoshimitsu

Finals went 2 sets.
Set 1:
XCTU-jimmypikachuchoi(3-1 or 3-2?)

Set 2:

I had a good time at chicago hearts everything from the looks of things ran smooth

shoutouts to all my TFA teammates who placed high and PGFX Kiu for getting top eight. also shoutout to the vega player that beat me as well lol. and shoutout to everybody who i played rather it was me losing in money matches or just regular casuals.