Chicago Heart 3 Results and Shoutouts Thread

Also, additional shoutout to M.Song for drawing hand hearts and ballsacks (?) all day.

Where da GNT4 results at ):

Super fun event! It’s been waaaaaaaaay too long since I made it out to Chicago so it was awesome getting to hang out with you guys again.
All the MI players holding it down in their respective games! LunaKage got 2nd in BB at his first out-of-state tourney ever, good stuff.
Leonil & Wolfkrone - MI chipgrabber triforce, hell yeah. :>
Kobayashi - Man, you worked your ass off setting up & helping running this event, good shit.
SquirrelJobs - JP players have weird nicks, but you’re pretty good at anime I guess.
Mystic Bill & Jimmy - Blast from the Soul Calipast, good to see you guys again!
Mr. FunkDoc - Good talking to you as always, I look forward to seeing a gdlk JP CV3 run soon. :smiley:
Syxx & Nappy - It’s been too long, stop by sdlf again when you guys get a chance.
Jyu - thx 4 the sadtimes~
Orka - Phantom Breaker was Really Good, but idk about Asuka 120% Burning Something
Meta - hiphil.
Tiggy - YO TIGGGGEEEEEHHHH gj in lolicana.
Dully - Your povertous drunken strats are clearly too good… maybe EMP will sponsor you for mystery tourneys :o
Killing Zone - FU for keeping me from my fg waifu, Touki Denshou. h8
Team Purple - Man, good shit making me look super free in Melty. I gotta step it up in CC.
Webster - y u so gdlk!
Melty - Best game, best community. Only 4 months to go…

I’m super tired so I probably forgot a lot of people, but yeah, tl;dr Great Tourney Great Experience.


I can’t choose which is a better highlight…
Brightside winning MvC3 with Spider-Man, or Wolfkrone playing Idolmaster

CH3 was awesome, mad props to rob and everyone else who helped to run the event

GGs to everyone i played in ah3, especially beats for cheap maori goodness, necrosis for nazuna mirrors (lol), and konkrete for being awesome (?). I had a lot of fun with AH3 in general and i’m glad it had a good turnout. I know what i need to do to beat maori now but it’s going to take more matchup exp than i have atm.

also shoutouts to the other guys from michigan who made the ride there not boring (killtz (pro turns), shardz, luna, leo, troy (shoutouts to narrating AJ1), and wolfkrone (even tho u didn’t really say much))
also thanks a lot to DK (u know y)

Shoutouts to Asuka 120%, i sorta liked that game…
and this Chun-Li figure I got from the raffle which is actually sorta awesome
and to Beno for giving me his extra fries
and to M.Song for making Meta shake his head like 20+ times

Chicago Hype 3, LunaKage Edition.

HeartNana may have won, but the matches between me and Leonil stole the show, he’s like my black brother form another mother.

shoutouts to everyone I played in AH3. I wish I coulda got some games in with everyone or we coulda got a team tourney but it seems a lot of ppl left after the tourney???

especially shoutouts to the IL/Chi crew (especially the people I’ve regularly played with). you are all in the top half and that is very good from how some of you did at previous tourneys, or not playing the game anymore, or this being your first tourney, or even it being only your 3rd day of playing the game!

GGs to Rob for beasting (as expected). I really wanna get some more exp against your Hedora. I’ll anxiously wait for when you come next year (I’m guessing?) EDIT: I also have to give you major props for, as usual it seems, doing so well in many different games!

shoutouts to Greats for that sick dorothy ish. that match vs was amazing (sorry M.Song D: )

great to see people again from from previous AH3 tourneys: Madwak and Nappy from the first tourney in Chi (and Syxx too! though you weren’t able to enter ]: ), Karapalm and M.Song from FR, and Tiggy and Dully from PU (thanks for all those games in your room!).

props to Rob, Orka, and Chris (and everyone else) for getting the tourney started and running it throughout the day.

GNT4 Results:

  1. Kokain (OTK)
  2. KilltZ (Itachi)
  3. SquirrelJobs (Tenten/A.Nana)
  4. Dignity (OTK)

HeartNana and Kobayashi - This tournament was awesome. Awesome game choice, and very well organized. Also, the raffle was a real treat! Can’t wait for the next one.

-So true…can’t wait. Loved playing this game after taking a year off.

Thanks to Rob for hosting such a fun event, and everyone running the tournaments. Had a great time. Good games to everyone I played.

GGs to everyone, team purple we shall meat again in mbaacc. Ggs to Arcana players, next time I wont go 1 and 2, felt like i should have done better, I think i was focusing on clash too much. But Chicago Arcana players are definitely getting stronger.

I am sure you hear it alot, but rob your awesome, great event.

Thanks for buying a bunch of parts everyone, hopefully the money I earned will retain more than half its value while I am in japan.

I played Fiona too for AH3. And I played Tager.

Shoutotus to: Devil for being a cool bro and almost getting top 8 with Sheeva. And to HeartNana for not only running tourneys, but giving me his autograph and winning MBAA.

Bearded man with Bacon strips shirt here - had tons of fun, luckily I didnt have to yell my head off this weekend, but at least ya’ll know that im one loud dude. Webster aint got shit on this. Good to see everyone again.

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Gonna get this outta the way before I forget someone
(psst btw add Heart to the list of characters I played, I only played her in one match but character love was definitely represented!)

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped run the tourney and got it done as smoothly and quickly as possible! I had an excellent experience and a great time!

NappyJin - Good seeing you again! 10 minutes is about the time limit before Weiss starts getting boring lol

PBJ Mixxa - I know we didn’t talk or w/e but good seeing you again. Still repping Melty pretty hard I see :slight_smile:

Team Purple - Sorry for raging about me dropping everything when I was supposed to be helping you warm up :frowning:
Good seeing you again and good games in Melty

Benothebeno - Sorry for beating you in Melty again :frowning: lol j/k good games and good seeing you again! Run that shit back in CC!

EmptyShiki - Why is your spacing so good in Melty?!?!? Good games and thanks for knocking me out of the tourney, I was playing very shamefully lol

MightyMar - Good seeing you again Mario! Thanks for giving my boy Monty some tips in VS, he is so addicted to it!

Frankie G - Always a pleasure to talk shit to each other lol I’ll be more aggressive next time cause I was kinda passive this time around :stuck_out_tongue:

ShardZ - ShaadZ!! The Dual Chip Grabber snapping pose near the end of the night had me cracking up! I don’t think we actually played anything but it was good seeing you and talking with you which is more than enough for me <3 OH and I heard you know some Angel Eyes, very impressive!~

Greats - The greats-est Arcana player! Soooooooo sick with Doro dawg!! That Zenia was looking nice too, I’ve never seen that j.6B whichway before lol. Good games to you sir

Marisa - Great meeting da gawd of data entry!

Karapalm - Those were some great sets we played! I feel I learned alot just by playing you! Your spacing is really good and made me totally re-evaluate how to play

Konkrete - Yet another person I didn’t talk to, but shoutouts for playing Mei-Fang in casuals

Kobayashi - Good meeting you sir! Thanks for helping run such a smooth event and getting a great venue!

Bunnies from Hell - I know I shouldn’t exactly be apologizing for this, but sorry for knocking you out of the tourney :< We both know that you are worlds better than me, and have worked very hard to get where you’re at. With that being said, good games in the little we played! My tourney nerves have gotten a little more under control as of recently. I remember at MWC 08 it was ridiculous…my hands were literally shaking and PBJ had to come over to tell me to relax! It was awful :frowning:

beatsofdevil - Thanks for stopping by the hotel room for casuals! I learned SOOOOO much about Maori from watching you play and getting beasted by you, you have no idea. I’m still learning basics and such but I feel I may be able to finally expand upon the basics with more practice by now. Aside from working on combos/setups and confirming (ugh), the biggest problem I need to work on is my confidence. I will do my best to improve! And good shit on getting 2nd!!

meta - Good seeing you again, and thanks for stopping by the room for casuals! Learn AH3 and make everyone quit! BTW nice 5A mashing against my sandoori in Melty >.< Now I know how to beat it, just wasn’t expecting it lol

orka - After 3+ years I finally beat you in tournament!!! Now I am qualified to be your rival! Seriously though very good games! Our first match was the only one I played Heart in against your Petra and that was a very fun match! And ggs in Senko even though you utterly destroyed me :frowning:

SquirrelJobs - Saving the best for last here! My inspiration and the #1 reason I came to Chicago this past weekend, it was rewarding and humbling to be in your presence and have the opportunity to see you again. It was a treat to get to see you play in different games, especially Arcana! Thanks for the few games we played, even though I was very intimidated in our games :frowning: Thank you so much for running a great event, and I hope to see you again in the near future! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Special shouts to Dullyanna and sonicspear for traveling with me, I wouldn’t of been able to afford the extended nights stay and extra casuals without you guys, thanks so much!!! And another special shoutout to Josh the FunkDoc for coming from the future and representing Ohio very well this past weekend!!

Copypasting shit because I’m a lazy twat.

I’m not big on making long shoutout posts, I have alcohol to drink: @Anybody I talked to/played, GGs ya’ll are awesome. Shoutouts to me dropping shit hard in games I play/ed, but owning in the fucking mystery tournament (Ohio peeps are unnaturally good at these) until I had to play pogs instead of a shitty FG. At least nobody was injured during grand finals.

Rob, Orka, Kobayashi and the others: Good job setting things up and running things. This is one of the smoothest run tournies I’ve been to (Excluding the power outage).

Wish I got a chip grabber though orz

@Shawrdzee: Yo I got them EMP combos in janky garbage I’ve never played or seen before. GGs in MB, come to SB this year so we can troll each other in it again.

no one plays that game its not even worth getting into

This tournament was a ton of fun. It ran so smoothly! GGs to everyone I played. All the AH3 people, I posted over on HC, so they know whatsup.
ggs to all the sf4 guys.

it was a really busy weekend but I’m so glad I went.

-Ben L

lmao… I guess I should probably shoutout SayaSP for getting me to netplay that silly game with him, fun times.

I need to get some moneys before I travel anywhere else, but I’ll see what I can do! Thinking I might just save up till MBAACC drops though. :o

Fair enough lol. Get hype for Mauve’s balls being busted for neetplay.

Wesker/PGFX Kiu here.

1.) Here’s a facebook album to all the pics I took, it’s set to public as well. If you know somebody in the photos and want to tag them, feel free to!

2.) I’m still running that promo for my Fight Stick Template biz that I was talking about while I was there. Send me an e-mail request with “CH3” or “Chicago Heart 3” as the subject title and i’ll take $10 off the price.

e-mail is Thanks!