Chicago Hip Tourney Results 9/16

1st dereklearnslow

2nd Kamil (pronounced like camel)

3rd Hugo

4rd and below…some peoples…


Mark “GLB” getting upsetted by random mexican Cables.

Derek not losing a single set…yay.

Hella jailbait walking around. Hella.

People showing up late or not at all. Chicago never fails to fail.

Nice tourney overall though, looking forward to next one.

And yes I’m tooting my own damn horn…toot.

good shit derek

Nice game. I was the guy who played with the low tiers and the only the black guy there with an fro.

Number 4 Is Number 1… For Once!!!
Derek… MSS-Y, Santhrax, OR cable/IM, sent?.. lol

Err… Anyone up for a game of SFIII 3rd Strike? I got an HD TV with an Xbox. Anyone up for hanging out at some random dude’s house to play some fighters?