Chicago, IL Tournament Feb 3rd (Done) Pictures

My love for Street Fighter far out strips my skills at the game. Had a little get together tournament at my place. I provided all the TVs and arcade sticks and the food. Basically 100% self funded. Please check out the setups. I will be having the next one in April. Date TBD. This is technically a tournament of the bottom most tier players (my friends), with cringe and trigger inducing gameplay. Trust me, you don’t want to watch our games unless you want to wince and yell at the screen. Had 26 players in total. Based on the success expecting 32 in April. Many people messaged afterwards to count them in.

A little SF chess the night before

Arcade Stick Collection
Make shift arcade setup in the laundry room.**
Make shift arcade setup using the dining room table**
Big screen SF 2 Turbo HD**

The Main stage. Big screen SFV with Dolby Atmos surround sound (SFV on PC)