CHicago monthly 2/21 at nickel city


WHAT THE…WE GOT STARTED ON TIME???holy shit now i’m certain the cubs will win the pennant this season!!!


1st:Juicy G:Storm/sent/capcom,team watts
2nd: Derek"fuckblackheart"Douglas:Mag/storm/sent,Storm/sent/capcom

Tony Upsets George in winners bracket 2-1 then loses to derek in winner final 3-0.George then comes back and beats Tony in loser final 3-0.George then beats derek in 1st set of final 4-3 then derek jumps out to 2-0 lead in final set.George then picks team watts and takes 4 in a row to beat derek.

1st:Tony"Joe millionare"defily:Necro
2nd:George"NOT 50 cent"Fed:Ken/akuma
3rd: Douglas"pimpburger"ward:Ken/alex

Tony wins winner final 3-2 against george.Then george then takes a 3-0 score to pimpburger.Then loses the final to reality show man tony 4-2.

1st:George"fwd-p rocks!!"fed:Sol
2nd:Mike"wakeup throw"bozcar “elven shadow”:faust
3rd:Jim"I come from a suburb yet everything i do is GHETTO"lapointe:CHIPP/slayer

a Round robin of 8 players entered.Mike takes the round robin.scoring a perfect score.George had one lost so mike and george dukes in out in final.George wins 4-1 and 4-2 with sol whoring.

good shit to every who came see ya’ll around!!


George is the best at MVC2!..sometimes:D

Good shit on 1st Tony! All the top finishers good shit.