Chicago Mvc2 tournament 9/14


yay a chicago tourney…

1st place:George"i like runaway storm"Fed:storm/sent/cable
2nd place:Joel"I like ashtray and cable"meza:mag/cable/psy,cable/doom/capcom
3rd place:marc"I like tamara katepoo and spiral and a side order of britney spears"ansay:spiral/cable/sent
4th place:Sergio"I like sent/mag because it’s cheap"valadez:sent/cable/mag,storm/sent/cable
5th place:rashad"i like commando"miller:doom/storm/blackheart
5th place:derek"I like the security guard at dennis place and random TSTV’s and oh jacqui "douglas:storm/sent/im

a great tourney with upset’s and near upsets abound…george was pushed to the limit against sergio when sergio brought tactics that george was simply unprepared for and pushed him to 4 games(one game was a draw).derek defeated marc 2-1,joel nearly lost to runaway winners final george defeated joel 3-0 and in 3rd place game joel defeated marc 3-2 (after joel took a 2-0 lead marc made a dramtic near comeback,easily the most tense match of the day)and in final george defeated joel 4-1.


2nd is all good as long as I get back what I wasted…:smiley:


thanks to sergio for running the tourney. hopefully in 3 weeks or whatever, the northside can make it. tony k., ronaldo…where the hell were guys? oh and hopefully alvin can make it too. plus WI. environment was tight…everyone yelling southside! good games to all especially derek…the KoC remains :slight_smile: …we’re starting to catch up though. watch out now!


:frowning: :mad:


Fuck those TSTV’s and that security guard!! Damn you George! She is not interested in me for god sakes! Bah!

And I can’t believe that I’m still getting beaten by Joel’s lame ass Cable/Doom/Cammy. I’m a fucking scrub.


hey guys did jackthefob show up at the tourny?


:wtf: omg you’re sick


WI wouldve come but we had a lock in that night at our arcade. Alot of games were put on free play for like the whole night so we couldnt make it,plus we had our own tourney. We needed the practice because we are tired of getting owned by chicago when ever they come up,lol. We will come down for a tournament soon. Dude when derek and george came up a couple of weeks ago i didnt know george was juicy g. Someone told me after the tournament and i was like “holy shit, that was juicy g!!!” No wonder he kicked all our asses,lol. Well later…


You guys are still playing marvel?!


Marvel will never die!!!and i thinks it’s SCRUBS you scrub (but you still my nigga tho)