Chicago nickel city 4/23


1st: Tony D(necro)
2nd: Juicy G(ibuki)
3rd: Darmonde

notes: all i have to say GOOD SHIT TO Jon and Big Marcus…You guys got MUUUCH better and both of you nearly put me out.I was impressed and if i had lost i wouldn’t have been angry. once again Good shit.


1st: Juicy G(Sol)
2nd: ElvenShadow(Faust/testament)

Omfg Southside is officially on the come up .Good shit to Prucha who upsetted bozac. Good shit to Jesse who perfected my Sol like 428054080534 times today. Very Solid effort by everyone

Until the 7th.

Fuck you marvel players that didn’t show…

Don’t lie.

What you’re supposed to do is get angry and then ask me for my stick so you can punch it. :tup:


I punched it in spirit…and that was against antonio because i was sick of playing like a dumbass against him when matches get close :sad:

You forgot to mention me, George.

Fucking up with May repeatedly…


Good games to John, Tony, & Marcus. Bad games to Roger punk ass nigga did’nt even give me a hand shake after sending him to losers bracket (JK). Next time I’m going to face him for a cheeseburger. Anyway good games to all I will be improving on my rushing and defensive skills. Peace
[Mario G]

I agree with george. To all u guys that are stepping it up a notch, (Mario, Marcus, John) its up to you to keep the dwindling 3s scene alive, thank you for taking the time and effort to actually start advancing and learning Also thanks to john for helping me straighten out the brackets for 3s, i think i finally know how to run a tournament now. See you all on the 7th

You got better too nappy :karate:

It’s all about that super-sexy May dust combo.



hah. Thanks.